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Solar Eclipse 2021: All Precautions Pregnant Women Should Take During Surya Grahan


Solar Eclipse 2021: All Precautions Pregnant Women Should Take During Surya Grahan

All eyes will be on the sky on June 10, 2021, to witness the first solar eclipse of the year. An annular solar eclipse, which will occur on Thursday, will be called a ring of fire in which the moon will cover only the center of the sun, leaving its outer edges visible, forming a circle of fire. Usually when the new moon comes between the sun and the earth, it causes a total solar eclipse. But this time it won't happen because the moon is too far from the earth.

The 2021 solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Greenland, Canada and Russia. In India, the solar eclipse will only be visible in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.
All celestial events have astrological beliefs associated with them. Also, there are many beliefs and rituals associated with solar eclipses. One of these beliefs is associated with the "pregnant woman." According to astronomers, a solar eclipse can affect pregnancy, since during this time the forces of evil are activated and can harm the pregnant woman and the unborn baby.
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How can a solar eclipse affect pregnant women?

According to various Hindu mythology, eclipses are ominous for pregnant women and therefore extreme caution is advised during this period. Here is a list of things pregnant women should do during a solar eclipse:


A solar eclipse radiates negative energies, so pregnant women are advised to chant a mantra to protect their fetus. Pregnant women are also advised to completely cover the windows with thick curtains to prevent sunlight from entering the house.


  • Pregnant women cannot leave their homes. Doing so can result in premature labor or birth defects. They should also avoid looking at the sun.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using sharp tools like knives and scissors, as they can cause birth defects and other complications during pregnancy.
  • Many people also believe that a pregnant woman should not sleep during this time or eat or drink anything for the safety of the fetus.

Bottom line

There are deeply ingrained myths that have been followed in Hinduism for thousands of years. However, it is important to remember that eclipses are a natural phenomenon and do not affect your pregnancy. So whether or not to believe in this aging practice is a totally individual choice. If you are pregnant, You must not fast for a long time. You should eat and drink well before and after the eclipse.
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