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Pitripaksha 2020 - Dates , Rules , Procedure


 Pitripaksha is a lunar stage that remaining parts for 16 days, when individuals offer praise and regard to their perished ones or pitrus. This time is likewise alluded to as Kanagat or Shraddh Paksha. There are numerous assortments of food dishes offered to predecessors by taking care of the crows, dairy animals, and canines. The food offered to these creatures and winged animals as of now is supposed to be conveyed to their progenitors. Subsequently, they feel glad and substance in their domains.

 It is additionally referenced in antiquated contents that individuals should offer supplications and respect to their progenitors before imploring Gods. This is on the grounds that the expectation and demonstration of satisfying the precursors assuage the Gods also. This is the very explanation that likewise implies regarding the older folks in each conceivable structure in an Indian family, society, and culture.

Pitru Paksha 2020 Dates

 Pitripaksha regularly happens in September or October. According to the Indian Amavasyant schedule, this period happens in the lunar month of Bhadrapada. While according to the Indian Purnimant Calendar, it occurs in the Ashwin lunar month. These schedules may vary, yet the days on which Shraddh customs are done are the equivalent.

Pitru Paksha 2020 Start Date: 1st September 2020, Tuesday - Purnima Shraddh

Pitru Paksha 2020 End date: 17th September 2020, Thursday - Sarva Pitru Amavasya

 The last day of PitriPaksha is called Sarva Pitru Amavasya. It is the most critical day of this time as it permits everybody to offer ceremonies and food to their predecessors. This is on the off chance that they are uninformed of the Tithi or have missed performing puja on a particular day during Pitru Paksha.

 The food that is offered during the ceremonies of Pitru Paksha Shraddh supports the unpretentious group of precursors for the whole year. As they have some inborn needs from their family heredity, the perished spirits expect food contributions on this day. Completing Shraddh is an incredible method to satisfy the precursors' wants and pass on positive energies with the goal that they can advance in their excursion. In this way, reliably offering Shraddh for a time span permits their wants to decrease, making them gain speed. In addition, all the antiquated contents instruct us to lead Pitru Paksha ceremonies as long as we live. It goes about as an image of gratefulness and regard for our perished ones. 

Pitru Paksha Rules and Procedure for Puja:

o             Before playing out the Shraddh ceremonies, the male needs to clean up, and if conceivable, he should wear a dhoti.

o             His chest area ought to stay exposed. So it is anything but difficult to change the direction of the sacred string he wears during Pitru Paksha puja.

o             Using unadulterated things made of bovine's milk, for example, ghee, curd, and others are fitting for the customs and prasadams.

o             Offer food or prasadams in silver utensils if conceivable. Silver is said to withstand malicious energies.

o             Grains, for example, grain, mustard, millet, and peas are supposed to be useful in the puja.

o             The utilization of sesame additionally considers to be promising and carries thriving to the family.

o             The most huge prasad of this puja is Kheer (a sweet dish made of rice and milk).

A little piece of the Pitru Paksha food is saved aside for taking care of crows, dairy animals, and canines. The Brahmins are offered food once the customs and puja are finished. Prasadam is additionally given to the poor in this way.

For what reason Do We Feed Crows On Pitru Paksha?

 While playing out the Shraddh customs, Pitru Paksha pind daan is offered to approach the predecessors. This pind conveys the unfulfilled wishes of the pitrus. As people have various needs throughout everyday life, the Raja-Tama waves stream unreservedly from the inconspicuous bodies. These overwhelming waves are profoundly pulled in by the crows; thus they can remember them.

 When the pind is offered, it pulls in the unobtrusive groups of precursors by getting loaded up with Raja-Tama-overwhelming waves. These waves, thusly, draw in the crows. As the crow pecks on the food, it shows that it was conveyed to the pitrus, and they were satisfied. Henceforth, taking care of the crows is an extension to keep agreement between the withdrew spirits and people.

Heavenly Places To Visit For Pitru Paksha Puja
India has numerous sacrosanct spots where individuals visit to play out the Pitru Paksha Shraddh Puja for their precursors' joy. Hindu customs and convictions consider places like Varanasi, Kedarnath, Gaya, Rameshwaram, Yamuna Nagar, Badrinath, Nasik, and Chanod as propitious ones for playing out the service.
Quitting for the day

All the ages - be it current, next, or past ones - are connected by blood relations. It's a steady procedure of restoring the duty to pitrus through the current age. This is an imperative procedure in everybody's life. Thus, they should follow the ceremonies of Pitru Paksha consistently to get their endowments and lead an upbeat, prosperous life.

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