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How Sun, Moon and Stars can answer your love life and relationship astrology


Stars crossed lovers: the phrase has made waves through the centuries. However, the debate remains the same: is it in the stars? Or is it in your head? Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Hippocrates seem to support the idea of an irreversible and inescapable fate between lovers, a knot closely related by the gods, so to speak. Who could blame anyone for following an example of these wonderful characters, especially when all of their top three friends were Liu? Admittedly, the idea of having some control over your destiny is delicious. But sprinkle a little of modern science, add a touch of illusion and you will realize that you are just prey to your prior practices.

The strongest factor in the relationship between couples is the bond between the sun and the moon. Usually this is a strong indication of marriage and home creation together. The Moon is the passion factor of any drawing, and it's the place we build memories and our own home. The sun is our main goal in life. When we meet someone and fall in love, all the feelings are involved and our main target becomes this other person. The traditional appearance of this link between letters is the moon in a woman’s message and the sun in a man’s message. The two will be on a strong side, which means a potential marriage, and how that will work for them depends on the aspects between the two and the signs in them.

According to Diana Brownstone, astrology revolves around the idea of "we collect energy from the universe and planets, which are the intermediaries that connect us to the super universe." By following this principle, Brownstone links this to the notion that a woman's menstrual cycle can be synchronized with the moon. "Our environment has a material impact on us," says Brownstone. "Even the sun affects your energy, your sense of self, changes our skin, causes plants to grow and even affects us psychologically, we cannot simply calm the sun so that it is a drop that does not affect anything or anyone. The same thing with the moon, the same thing with the planets. So, when it comes to relationships, do we have to look at planets to lead the way inevitably? The answer, according to Brownstone, is yes. But there is a problem: “Only if you have all of your birth planners.” Brownstone explains that astrology most people interact with On a daily basis it is the "leaked version" of astrology, which is limited only to "the sign of the sun", also known simply as "the sign", and here it tends to create confusion ... Brownstone reiterates: "You cannot define a person's personality using 12 options ".

  • Brownstone notes that there is a general consensus among people who share complementary elements in the signs of the sun (for example, water, earth, water, water, fire, air, fire, fire, etc.). However, the signs of the moon, ascension, and lunar nodes should also be considered.
  • Sun Sign: The compatibility of sun signs for two is an indication of the primary closeness. Brownstone explains, in general, that "signals of the same element share compatibility". For example, Aries and Sagittarius bring similar energy [fire] to the table: enthusiasm, intention, and action. "However, sometimes what can lead to attraction is something slightly different from you. For example, you can have Scorpio and Leo, and there will be a great passion because the differences in signs are very attractive."
  • Alignment between the signs of the moon is an advantage. For example, if your moon sign is in a whale [water], Scorpio [also water] might meet your needs.
  • Since the ascending marks of two people dictate initial attraction, this is one area where the elements need not be reconciled. Indeed, as Brownstone notes, "stress" can be an advantage. As the old saying goes: opposites attract.

In conclusion, Brownstone notes: "If you look at astrology 101, you can see the fundamental compatibility of the sun, moon, and ascending signs. However, this is equivalent to taking a blood test and not reading it entirely or reading it selectively. It is a science, and the more you study it, the more Your ability to reach conclusions. "

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