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Vedic Astrology - Characteristic of Aquarius


Vedic Astrology - Characteristic of Aquarius 
Women or men born within 21 January to 18 February receive the sign of Aquarius, a zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere; between Capricornus and Pisces. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. The sign of Aquarius is a person standing with a pitcher. Aquarius is an interesting sign, with a combination of ethnicity and innovation.
If you find a person who is smart, independent headstrong, then he or she may belong to Aquarius. Making people feel like a friend through talking is their habit. Aquarians are curious and wants to know what others think of them and why
That is why they have many friends, but they have a friend with whom they share all their secrets. They do not know how to tell their heart to everyone and express their grief to just anyone. They have the strength to fight the difficulties themselves.

The natives of Aquarius are always working wisely in keeping their thoughts and household expenses balanced. They believe in philanthropy. They are very good at winning the hearts of people with their understanding and charming nature. They believe in the idea of latent love, universal brotherhood, and world peace. They are ambitious and determined and work hard to achieve their goals. They always come up with creative and innovative ideas. They are firm in their word and they cannot be derailed by those who break the promise.

The people of Aquarius are clean of heart and always move forward on the strength of their hard work. They stay far away from deceit and malice as much as possible. They are of a fearful and intense nature. They are imaginative, experimental, and investigative. They like to have intellectual conversations. They believe in human rights and justice. They are lovers, friends, guardians, and romantic people. They require companions and helpers. They expect a reward in return for their inputs. Aquarius people desire new challenges. Their sympathy is intense, but often they are unable to function accordingly.
These people want to be attractive and principled. They should not be impatient with failures. It is okay to believe in your ability. The people of Aquarius ignore the present and remain heavily immersed in the future. They keep an eye on the future ahead. They seem to be intellectuals from outside, but they have more emotional excitement from inside. They are beyond materialism.
They live a happy and satisfying life because they do not have many wishes and demands.

The biggest problem for the people born in Aquarius is the realization that they are limited or constrained. They will always strive to ensure freedom of expression and activity due to the desire for freedom and equality for all.

People born in Aquarius are said to be cold and insensitive individuals, but this is only their protection mechanism. They are fearful of expressing their secret feelings.

They do not like the person who tries to interfere in their lives. They do not prefer to be advised or guided by anybody else.  They cannot tolerate the interfering person and gets annoyed easily.

Love, friends and family matters
They enjoy deep and interesting conversations with their partner or friends. Loyalty and honesty are most important for people seeking a long-term relationship with this dynamic person. In love, they respect other person’s independence and space, consider them equal, and give freedom to their peers. They do not prefer a possessive partner. They want to make everything perfect for their partner. Their attitude towards love and marriage is logical and intellectual. Love or arranged marriage, when they believe in it, they will give their hundred percent to it. They fill the relationship with love and care. They love their partner wholeheartedly and can do everything possible to make their relationship happy.
Even though people born in Aquarius are sociable, they need time to be close to the people. They are very sensitive people, full of emotions.
They choose their friends very carefully; the friend must possess the following three qualities- creativity, intelligence, and integrity.
Career and money
Natives born in Aquarius fill the job with enthusiasm and have a unique ability to tap their imagination for business purposes. Aquarius is a visionary variety that likes to engage in activities aimed at improving humanity. They are hard-working, intellectual, and extremely talented. They like to share their knowledge with their co-workers. They tend to inspire other people with their hard work. They are creative, innovative, and always come up with good ideas. People love them because of their happy-go-lucky and helpful nature.
When it comes to money, they try to save money and spend it only when required. They do not unnecessarily waste money. People born in Aquarius are fashionable and quickly adapt to the trends.
Careers such as acting, writing, teaching, photography, or as an aircraft operator are suitable for this lot. They like the working environment with sufficient freedom to act on their own. They do not like strict restrictions when they are working. Aquarius is an unconventional type and can achieve remarkable success if allowed to express his talent. Aquarius people can achieve great success in the fields of science, research, astrology, or aeronautical engineering.

Physical formation
The hands of Aquarius people are long, beautiful, soft, and extremely sensitive. The second finger is longer than the first finger and is much larger than the short finger. Their thumb is flexible. They have a mark of sesame or wart on their neck, back, or in the mouth of the skull. Generally, they gave Blonde color, brown hair, ugly teeth, thick hair on the body, and developed veins.
Aquarian girls have big, beautiful eyes. They speak less and they have a very attractive smile. They have a charming personality but doesn’t easily commit to a person.
Aquarius people have a healthy body and have a good ability to work hard. They are always concerned about their fitness. They do not get very sick, yet they may have stomach disorders, hemorrhoids, influenza. These people do not worry about ordinary fever pain. They also roam around in ordinary fever, because they believe that resting fever can aggravate even more. The people of Aquarius are the masters of the body, but the legs and knees can be weak. They should always take regular, nutritious, and balanced diet to maintain good health. They should eat foods containing vitamins B, C, and iron.
They should stay away from any sort of addictive substance.

The Aquarius people have interests such as walking, photography, reading stories, collecting stones of different sizes, collecting electronic items, going on holidays, etc. They are interested in social activities, literature, art, music, and charity. They like to decorate their houses artistically.