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How Planets Influence your Child’s education


How Planets Influence your Child’s education

Education is one of those areas of concern where failures may cause a setback in one’s life. Though, failures enlighten the true path to success yet dealing with them is complex in itself.

Every parent is indeed worried about what career option or educational field will be fruitful for their child. Mostly the worries revolve around the success of their child in his/her profession. Thus, it becomes obvious for a parent to be careful about their child’s education, interests, and satisfaction above all.

Not only the parents but also the child is anxious about where his/her interests lie, which stream to opt for and about their success rate. The best option available at their dispense at that moment is to consult their parents and teachers. But the thing to note here is that they too are dicey about it as they are inefficient to predict someone’s future.

Hence, astrology assumes the role of a leader and a consultant at this point. Using astrology as assistance can guide parents as well as children regarding their education, ranging from primary to higher. Planets and houses are the two main known factors that have an impact on the child’s education.

2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th houses are the major houses among the rest that determine the education path for a child. Similarly, Mercury’s strength is vital for education, Jupiter for intelligence, and Moon for educational achievements.

Jupiter is renowned as karaka of education. That is, it is responsible for your child’s education in terms of what subjects he chooses and what field he chooses for higher education. If the Jupiter smiles at your child then it will bring good to him/her in his educational field.

Also, mercury is a vital planet for your child’s success in his/her education. Mercury brings intelligence with itself. Hence, good placement of Mercury under astrology means that your child will be evidence of a sharp mind and handsome analytical skills. But one thing to be noted here is that Jupiter and Mercury alone cannot shine for your child. Rather their combination is the real deal. Both of them must be contented if you wish your child to be a prodigy.

Having a strong position in astrology is a good thing. Just as Mars can be held responsible for your child’s developing interest in medics, Venus monitors your child to fall for art and culture and Saturn may keep him attached to earthly activities such as mining, minerals, and petroleum.

What your child opts for in his primary education is monitored by the 2nd house. Also, how he does with his primary education and success is also put under the same house.

A good thing about having planets as the constant guiding source is that if more than one planet is satisfied or correctly placed then your child may prove to be multi-talented. He/she may shine bright working in more than the field.

On the contrary, if the planets lose their actual place that is are not placed correctly then it can be a havoc for your child. A combination of Sun, Mercury, and Venus can be a threat to your child’s education. If this trio is not satisfied then your child may have little or no education. Similarly, if lords are not placed in their native houses then it’s a matter of concern as your child may face difficulty to choose the best option for him. He will always be in a dilemma about which subjects are for him and where does his interest lie.

This is the reason why astrology plays a key role before taking a decision about your child’s education. You must not neglect astrological changes and their effects over the education. Instead, a brief study and knowledge is compulsory to have before making decisions about your child’s future in his/her education.