April 15, 2020 Blog

How to Improve Memory Power


How is memory power increasing? In today's time, it has become a common problem. Sometimes we get to hear from our readers or family that “Oh! I do not remember anything, my memory has become weak. What do you want to do? "

Most of the mentally weak students, get scolded by the teacher every day. They try a lot but are unable to remember and are unhappy due to a lack of proper methods. Many times it also happens that we do not remember even the essential things of daily life and when it comes time to remember, we sit back holding our heads.

If you are also troubled by the weakness of this kind of memory in your life, then now be sure. Because today we are going to tell you - surefire ways to increase memory. If you practice one or two of these remedies by heart, then you will benefit 99%.

What is memory?

Before knowing the ways to increase memory power, we will know what is memory power?

Memory is the power by which we determine the deeds of future life by remembering our life experiences. Imagine if you do not remember anything of your past, how will your situation be? You will be nothing more than a newborn baby. In the absence of memory, your day will start a new beginning, then neither you will be able to teach to speak nor will you understand anything by listening. Everything that comes to us today is the result of this remembrance power, that is, we can say that there is only a memory power with the help of which human beings can learn from the experiences of life.

Think! If a teacher forgets all the knowledge about his subject, then what will be his importance? If a doctor forgets his medical treatment, will he be able to cure the patient? If a farmer has no experience in farming, can he grow a good crop? No ! never!

That is why God has given remembrance power to all beings. The only difference is that there is less in some, more in some, but in all. No one can be said to be devoid of memory except crazy in humans.

Where does memory stay?

You must have heard about the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind stays awake until you wake up and helps you in making daily life decisions. While the unconscious mind remains active even after you sleep. It is the unconscious mind that has been called Chitragupta in the Puranas. It keeps a record of your day-to-day activities and weaves your dreams at night.

Our experience on the unconscious mind is called our memory, which, when needed, becomes present on our memory board. Which helps us in making the right decision towards a situation. That is, the memory power resides in our unconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is a representative of God located in the soul, which keeps a record of your good and bad deeds. These good and bad karmas are recorded on the unconscious mind in one form. It is this that goes on with the soul till birth after birth and determines birth, age, karma, and enjoyment.

Ways to increase memory

Now you know what memory is and how important it is, but now you will be interested to know how to increase memory power? What are the ways to increase memory?

Memory is directly related to the health of our bodies. It has also been said - "A good mind resides in a good body." So the first thing for you is to "keep your body healthy." For this, you have to take special care of the daily diet - vihara and ethics.

Effect of physical exercise on memory

Today's modern life science has made so much comfort that it has become its worst enemy. Today most people are seen suffering from obesity. Therefore, if you want to be physically healthy, then you should give yoga and exercise a place in your life.

There is not much to do for this, get up a little sooner than when you wake up every day and take a little stroll in the fresh air in the morning, retired from daily activities. If you are aware of yoga asanas then practice them. This will make your muscles strong and flexible. The biggest benefit will be that your mind will remain calm and the memory power will increase amazingly.

Effect of diet on memory

Everything we eat ultimately divides into different components and provides nutrition to different parts of our body. Our mind will be as it is, our memory will develop accordingly. In the house where satvik food is always eaten, the memory of the children of the place is very strong. Therefore, one should always take a satvic and digestible diet.

A diet rich in protein and vitamins should be taken to intensify memory. Green vegetables and lentils are the best sources for this. If one can get pure cow's ghee, milk and curd then it is good.

Pranayama's effect on memory

"Where the mind is there, life" is directly related to the mind. Life is the energy that emerges as memory power. Prana energy is produced by the dimensions of life, that is, pranayama. Wherever this soul energy goes, it will show its influence. Therefore we should do Pranayama regularly.

Memory improvement techniques

Practice using your memory more and more.

The only diet, exercise, and Pranayam are not enough for good memory. Rather mental concentration and restraint are essentially necessary. The easiest way to increase memory is to try to remember things. For this, whenever you go wherever you look at the objects around you, listen to the words carefully and try to remember them.

For this, you can also play Buddhist games. In which some things have to be told by remembering you. Series of great men, seeing pictures and telling things, intellectual quiz, mind game, etc.

It is very useful to increase your memory by visualizing your past experiences, writing a travelogue, writing about your life experiences, writing a poem or poem and repeating all these exercises. Whatever work you do with a lot of heart and spirit, it increases your memory.

 Memory improves by Meditation

For those who can get time for meditation, meditation can be the most powerful means of increasing memory. Because all the above practices are included in meditation, meditation is the best means.

The memory of any task should be well placed on the brain, for this, it must be done with concentration. If you want to increase concentration, then you should practice meditation. Concentration also develops by studying diligently.

The process of meditation will be slightly different from normal for the development of memory. What is Meditation Meditation is the unification of meditation together? So here your target is the memory power.

Waking up around sunrise in the morning is a good time to practice meditation. Brahmamuhurta is the best for those who want to achieve increased achievement in the field of yoga. Retire from the routine and go to some pure place and sit in Sukhasana by applying postures. If there is no suitable and quiet place, then do the house posture in some corner. If you are facing towards the east, it is better or else you can be kept facing towards the north. The body should be straight and stressless. Close your eyes without any tension.

Now see the mind of the rising sun. Establish emotional identification with them. Feel that "the golden rays of the sun god are entering my mind and the divinity is being established there." The light waves are strengthening and illuminating my brain fibres, increasing the brain intelligence fluid neurons, increasing the memory power. " Confirm this feeling and practice every day. Whatever you feel, be sure to see it. There is no benefit to just rote words. The real benefit is the spirit with the psyche philosophy. You can start this exercise from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The memory will be good within a few days. Your mind will always be calm. Your way of thinking and thinking will change.