April 13, 2020 Blog

Astrological Remedies for Booming Business


Business and home are two places which are essential for us: the house where we live and business from where we get our living. You can find the expansion of home quite more natural, but the development of the industry is very tough, not everyone can do it. It's like a hard nut to crack. Dragging the dimensions of success in business is a risky and tedious task. Running a Business involves taking some crucial decision in life. It takes a combination of mind, money and efforts. But, sometimes even after putting so much of all, we get nothing. Apart from mind, money and efforts, there is one more factor i.e. luck. If your bad luck is not allowing you to get the desired growth in the business, then the astrological Remedies can help you. 

As we all know that for analyzing business, we consider planetary positions. As per Astrology, there are 12 houses out of which 1st house denotes self and 2nd house denotes earnings), 10th house denotes profession and 11th house denotes Profit. In order to be successful in business, we need a strong connection and benefic aspect between these houses.  The position and strength of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and Moon in our birth chart play an important role in giving success in any business pursuit. If your planets show success in business, then you will not get success in job and if planets show opposite, you will be successful in the job.

With the globalization and economic revolution, competition has become very tough. It is not an easy task to get success in business but the irony is every businessman wants to become a  successful businessman. They want to capture maximum market share. In order to change the planetary position so that negative planetary obstructions could be avoided, we need astrological remedies. With the help of astrological remedies, we can help our business boom in the market.
Here we are going to list out some general Astrological remedies which will help you to remove negative planetary obstructions and will help in the enhancement of business. These astrological remedies are  -

  1. The first most important thing for your business is your business place and it should be free from negative energies. If your place will be free from negative energy, it will bring prosperity and will have a positive impact on your sales. To free your place from negative energy, spread dhuni of mustard seeds i.e. Rai on every Amavasya (no moon day).
  2. Every child is a thought of God, so serving them means serving God. To see our business growing, we need to do more of production. So, whenever you buy material for your business, also buy some toys like soft toys etc along with it. Gifting these toys to small children will have a positive impact on the business.
  3. If you are a true devotee of Lord Shiva, The blessings of Shiva will bring prosperity and growth in your business. In order to worship Lord Shiva, keep Abhimantrit Narmadeshwar Shivling at your workplace. Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling also called 'Badaling'. is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. It helps you in connecting with supreme Lord Shiva.
  4. If you want to dispel negativity from your office, just put a pyramid on your desktop or table.
  5. Place a figurine of an owl in the locker where you keep the money at your workplace. Being Goddess Lakshmi’s Vahan and her lucky mascot, the Goddess is sure to follow him and enter your workplace.
  6. Rusty metal items bring in negativity, so if there is any rusty metal items in your office, just throw them away.
  7. For you are looking for expansion of your business, you need to do your office's cleaning on Sundays. Before cleaning the floor, sprinkle some pepper seeds and dark grams in your office. Clean the floor with a broom and then collect all seeds and dark grams. Just bury them in any deserted place.
  8. The most sacred trees in our Hindu culture for ages is a peepal tree. Peepal leaf is considered good to worship for booming business. If continuously for 7 Saturdays, you worship a Peepal leaf with incense stick, then it brings prosperity and luck. After worshipping, don't throw away the leaf, just put it underneath your chair or seat. On 7th Saturday,  collect all leaves and flown them in a river or water.
  9. If you want to keep your clients happy and satisfied, then arrange an iron nail or dart from a person or place who is doing a successful business. Out this in a glass bottle with 10-15 granules of Black Urad Dal. Remember to keep it away from the sight of clients. Light 2 incense sticks and dhoop in front of this bottle.
  10. Another way to keep clients happy, continuously for 5 Saturdays, make a garland of seven green bean stew and seven lemons. Hang this mala at the front door or entry door where clients/visitors could see it.
  11. To excel in the competition in the market, cut five lemons and put some pepper and mustard seeds on it. Now bury these cut lemon pieces at a dark place and walk away without looking back.
  12. If you have low turnover in the business, then Abhimantrit Gomti Chakras can help you. Keep big size cleansed and Abhimantrit Gomti Chakra in a glass bowl. Remember Gomti chakras are put in bowl facing flat side up. Light sticks, hoop and diya. Keep the bowl of Gomti chakras where you keep the cash.
  13. Feeding besan ladoos to a cow on Thursday brings positivity at the business environment.
  14. If you want to be on top as a successful businessman in life, always feed cows and dogs.
  15. Hindus worship Goddess Lakshmi for good luck and wealth. Similarly, if you want wealth from your business, then worship Maa Lakshmi on Fridays. Lit 9 desi ghee divas and recite Shree suktam on a regular basis.
  16. Cows are sacred to Hindus and many Hindus believe cow excrement has healing powers. So, if you clean your business premises with cow’s urine, it will bring growth and prosperity in business.
  17. The swastika is considered auspicious and worshipped by many devotees. If you place a swastika at the entry door or main entrance area of your office, it will bring good luck and prosperity for your business.
  18. If you seek your elders and ancestors blessings at the start of your day, then you will have success in everything. In order to get success in business, always keep your forefather's photograph at your business place and always seek their blessings.
  19. By keeping sea salt at your workplace, you can keep the negative energy away from the office. Keep a small portion of sea salt in bowls at different places and change it regularly.
  20. Vedas has defined the Gayatri mantra as a universal prayer. Chanting Gayatri mantra every day before going to office will bring prosperity and luck. Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥ, tatsaviturvareṇyaṃ, bhargo devasyadhīmahi, dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt

These are general remedies and general solutions for a successful business. If you still face problems in your business, then you can approach for astrological remedies that will cater to your specific business problem.  The business growth astrological remedies of experts in astrology science will help you to get solutions for the problems you are facing in the business.