April 10, 2020 Blog

Your career growth astrology prediction 2020


2020 has been a revolutionary year bringing in a lot of thrill and anxiety with it. The world is under the threat of a novel coronavirus which has created havoc globally. Its consequences have been very harsh as it has turned into an epidemic. What we are nearing is a global recession owing to shut down of various mills, factories, and industries.

Thus, it becomes important to keep track of your career amidst this scenario. Knowing fairly about your career prospects and growth becomes vital in this tough time. So, astrological predictions can be your true friends which can get you out of this panic. It will direct you to choose your path ahead and what could be the best options right now.

Let’s find out what’s hidden in the womb of the future about your career.


For Aries, there’s a lot of good that this year has hidden. If you are one, 2020 is your year to look for new jobs and businesses as you career growth has picked up the pace and the graph is sloping upward.
Moreover, if you are looking for some settled job and business then 2020 is fruitful for it. Also, do not forget to seek help from your seniors and gain their confidence.


2020 is the game-changing year for you and is about to bring a revolution in your career. Throughout the year, there will be ups and downs but patience is the key to dealing with all of them. Your creativity and innovation can prove to be assets while working on even a random project.
If you are into the business sector, then success is knocking on your door but that demands positivity and calmness. At the end of the year you may earn some handsome profits.


If you are a Gemini native then 2020 will be a hard nut to crack. Itis bringing in more problems than solutions with it. So, patience is the key to all locks and being optimistic will help you out. This year, your efforts towards the work will be directly proportional to the results.

You may not achieve the desired results through but at last, they will be adequate to keep you at bay. Foreign assistance and investors are good options to look forward to amidst this crisis.


This year is the best for you to set up a new business. You can expect to earn huge profits by the end of the year. Though you may experience several ups and downs in the latter half of the year but the results achieved at last will be quite satisfactory.
Your abilities and dedication will guide you to success and will bring joy and delight. Also, 2020 will be your year when you get to travel with your business partners or colleagues at the office. So, do not forget to have a taste of that as well in your work life.


2020 will bring fortune to you and will be a great career-oriented year, if you stay focussed. Your efforts will be fruitful as astrology predicts that the business opportunities and new job options are open for you even though it’s the year of downfall.
On the other hand, you may face hard time during the mid-year. Your passion and determination will guide the way out of all of it.


If you are a Virgo then it’s your year to shine and showcase your talent to achieve new heights. This year will help you out in various tasks that you have been working upon for a while. Also, it would be in your favor to gain the support of your colleagues and seniors as they can assist you well .

If you are worried about being unemployed, do not let it infect your mind for 2020 is here to provide awesome opportunities in your career.


Being a Libra fits well with the expression that slow and steady wins the race. Therefore, during this year your career will be undergrowth but at a slow pace. This means that you’ll be tested on the grounds of patience, determination, and attitude.

During the latter half of the year, you will be able to notice progress in things that you have been working and the same would lead you up-to more opportunities.


2020 is going to be ordinary for you with respect to your career growth. A normal year waits for you. But there are certain chances for your promotions or desired transfers. Hence, it will add to your profits and surplus.
Your skillset and knowledge will be a test to get through this breaking year. So, do not ignore the basics of your profession and rely on them to guide you.



2020 is going to be the break-even point in your career as the past efforts will be recognized and your dreams will have a chance to get accomplished. Your work be it in any field will be appreciated and there are possibilities to rewarded for this.
But, have a check at logical thinking and try to maintain a rational attitude because these are the motivating and guiding forces for your success.


This year is about peaks and valleys in your career. Not always you will be earning profits or having a good time with your boss. So, do your thing with patience and calmness for they hold the key for your own success.
One thing you should be aware of 2020 is that it may bring some foreign trips in your vicinity. Thus, it will be the perfect silver lining among the dark clouds.


Aquarians are about to face some hard times this year around. Every activity is it investing, selling and so on must be kept under the scanner. This year you might not wish to fall for these activities. Your seniors and experienced personnel can help you beat this phase rather easily.


Beginning of the year may not be pleasing to you still as the year progresses your career will be stable and profitable. Once your work starts blooming it will help you gain respect among your colleagues. So, 2020 is your year and has a lot to offer regarding the development in your career.