April 8, 2020 Blog

Super Pink Moon | Information


We have witnessed tremendous celestial events in the past year and now we have another astounding astrological event lined up for April. The full moon of April is lined up for the 7th and will be a supermoon. There’s a lot that’s exciting about this celestial event and a lot that you will need to appreciate its true beauty.

Why is it called a Pink Moon?

The full moon that we see this April will be the first full moon of the spring. The name that it has received, pink moon, comes from the Native North American wildflower that blooms in early spring. The name isn’t so because you will see a pink moon, like the blood moon which is actually red. The full moon that you will witness would be bigger and brighter but definitely not pink. For the same reasons, that it is the first full moon of the spring, it is also sometimes called the egg moon.

Brighter and bigger

The reason this full moon is called a Supermoon is that when the moon reaches the nearest point to Earth from its orbit, it will appear slightly larger than average. It is also 30% brighter than the normal full moon.  

True full moon, every cycle, can only be experienced when it's in its apex but anyone would be able to tell the difference between what you see on Monday night, Tuesday night and on Wednesday night. All three nights, the moon would show different brightness and roundness and would be at its best on Tuesday night.

Tides will follow

A Super pink moon like this also means that the low tides and high tides would be different than usual. The high tides would be higher than normal and the low tides would be lower than usual. Interesting geographical events like these also can be experienced alongside the full moon itself.

One can’t expect immediate results in the functioning of tides. The true results of the effects of the super moon will be seen on Thursday night when the high tide comes in. The coastal location will also make a lot of difference in the time lag of tides.

The largest moon of the year

As proposed by many researchers, the moon on March 9 was the largest moon of the year but some actually say that this Super pink moon will be the largest moon of the year. The distance is not really visible to the viewers looking at it with the naked eye but it will truly be the biggest moon we see this year.

Some also believe that it is an illusion that we see which makes the moon look bigger or bloated. The view, however, is stunning. You will be able to see it for yourself this year when the Super pink moon rises in the night sky.