April 7, 2020 Blog

Astrological remedies to fight Corona Virus


As we know there is no cure for coronavirus to date and our scientists and researchers are working day and night to get the cure. First of all, Starzspeak urges you to wash your hands regularly and take all precautions to stay away from the virus.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the talk of the town for the last few months. It all began from Wuhan, China and has been declared as a pandemic by the Health officials. It spreads through person to person if they are in close contact.

But, astrology has something different to say. It is Rahu that causes severe damages to humans. It is responsible for any damage to human activities and can lead to an outbreak of serious illness. Saturn also does the same when it's weak in your horoscope. Thus, to part away with serious viruses like Covid-19 certain remedies are listed below to provide strength to Jupiter, Mars and Moon.

Jupiter is directly related to your health. So to strengthen the same, it will be in your best interest. Thus, add yellow food to your routine diet. Also, do not heat the oil excessively as it may turn into trans fat which is not good for your health.

Red food in your diet will help strengthen Mars and improve your immunity.

Saturn is another planet influencing your immunity and resistance to disease. therefore, you must include blue food in your diet to brig Saturn’s havoc at peace.

Adding colors to your daily diet might seem silly but this will help you fight the Corona virus. Quarantine might be a good solution to fight Covid-19 and break the chain but these remedies can be at your help surely.

Corona virus as per astrological signs is here to stay for at least 3 months as Jupiter and Saturn are upset over it and are not in a position to improve. Still we have to fight it hard and eradicate it to create a sustainable environment for us to bring that joy again. So here are some dietary plans for you to follow.
Begin your day with 2 glasses of water from a copper vessel.

It is to be followed by consuming some almonds and milk. This brings Saturn to peace and helps improving dietary procedures.

For your breakfast take lighter meals such as vegetable soup. Light meals have a healing power to Jupiter.

Add curd and wheat-derived products to your diet in your afternoon meal.

Enjoy the evening snack with bananas to empower moons.

At last, finish your day with fenugreek seeds and water as it helps to strengthen Saturn which is an immense influencing factor to control the spread of the Corona

Following such a dietary plan can help you fight against corona virus because it empowers your planets which are the true reason for the sudden outbreak of it. Moreover, it will improve your dietary habits as it has a direct impact on your immunity system.

Now let’s look at what your zodiac sign has to say about the remedies to follow against Covid-19.

Use a red handkerchief and do not accept anything from anyone. Feed a cow with sweet bread or Chapati. This can help you wage war against the fatal Corona virus.

If you are a Taurus then try to drink water from a silver vessel. Another thing you can do is donate flags in a temple and not engage yourself in immoral relationships.

You need to give up on sour foods and donate medicines to a hospital as a remedial measure against Corona virus. Moreover, feed a cow with green fodder and serve her.

Your religious attitude can help you get out of this pandemic. Chants and prayers can be your best friends and if you are a doctor then cure people for free.

Donating walnuts and coconuts at a religious place is your thing to do in this situation. Do not cause disturbance to anyone in the vicinity otherwise it can prove to be fatal.

Younger girls are your true mates that can help you get out of the corona trap as soon as possible. So do not forget to seek blessings from them. Also, worship Lord Ganesha for your safety and betterment.

You can donate the extra utensils kept in your home to any needy and do not skip to worship Kul Devi. Your elder’s blessings before any work will be fruitful always.

Go out and offer sweetbread to the poor under such crisis . This will help you escape from Covid-19 scare easily. Also you can consume honey in the morning to begin your day with peace and harmony.

Being a Sagittarius you can plant saplings with yellow flowers in your backyard or nearby park. And remember seeking help from your leaders and teachers in various projects you do.

Serving saints and deity is the best remedy for you to battle against the corona virus. Another thing that you can do is to speak the truth and not conceal anything from your dears.

Wear gold while in a house and keep sliver with you while going out. While you get out of your home, remember to donate oil at a Bhairav temple.

While having a bath add a pinch of turmeric to the water to keep your spirits up. They also serve saints and priests at the temple or their pure blessings.