March 26, 2020 Blog

Corona’s havoc: Test your Immunity


Corona’s havoc: test your immunity

As we know there is no cure for coronavirus to date and our scientists and researchers are working day and night to get the cure. First of all, Starzspeak urges you to wash your hands regularly and take all precautions to stay away from the virus.

Coronavirus has created panic around the globe. Taking more than thousands of lives and leaving lakhs of people with infirmity it has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

It affects your immune system and damages it severely so as to make the entire body prone to illness and diseases. People with an age group above 65 and young ones are prone to the disease. This is because their immune system does not work with full potential thereby exposing them to the fatal COVID-19. Not only people with weak immunity but also people having a strong immunity system are prone to coronavirus. So, you need to look at certain symptoms that are being reflected through your weak immune system.

  • You feel exhausted round the clock
    Though you enjoy a good sleep and still feel exhausted means your immunity system is on an alert. Sleep helps you rejuvenate from the fatigue caused by working on a continuous project. So, your immunity system has something wrong with it which keeps you at bay from working with positiveness and energy.
  • Your wounds do not heal at a pace
    Whenever you get injured, your body reacts to it and heals it automatically within a few hours or days. But if this isn’t your case then it is alarming. Your immune cells are lacking nutrients, making them weak and impotent.
  • You are prone to infections
    You often observe that any environmental or climate change make you lie down on the bed for a long period. This is something serious because it reflects that you are prone to infections owing to a weak immune system.
  • Your tummy doesn’t support you much
    The immune system of an individual is directly related to digestion. Thus, acidity or other gastric problems have a direct correlation with your immunity. Often you are embarrassed by your gastric troubles.
  • Running Nose and Cold are your frequent visitors
    More often or not everyone has to suffer from cold in a year. But if your running nose troubles you for a very long period such as 3 weeks or more then it is troublesome.

Thus, it becomes important to boost your immunity irrespective of gender and age. Do not expect that Covid-19 will spare if you are not aged or have a strong immunity system. For boosting up immunity you do not need chemicals and medicines. Certain natural ways will help you in doing it quite easily. Here are some natural remedies for your cause which can help fight against coronavirus.

  • Vitamin C is the best immunity booster to fight against cold and viruses. Major sources for it are citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and so on. But in the meantime do not forget bell peppers because they have double the content of vitamin C than oranges.
  • Garlic is also a natural anti-bacterial remedy. Adding it to your food will help raise the immunity standards of your body.
  • Antioxidants such as nuts are useful in these conditions as they contain vitamin E which eradicates any respiratory or breathing difficulty which is the main symptom to track coronavirus.
  • Items containing sugar must be kept at bay for a few weeks. Alcohols and fruits should be avoided as well for their pseudo sugar content.
  • Do not get into myths of avoiding poultry items this time of the year. Rather, eggs contain vitamin D which is also a great immunity booster. Briefly talking egg yolk consumption is a great life savior under the pandemic attack of covid-19.

The items listed above are immunity friendly and will help you get out of the crisis. But, some of the consumables must be on your charts if you wish to spend your time at home rather than consuming a heavy dose of medicines in the hospital. 

The best way to resist the horrors of coronavirus is social distancing. This means you need to maintain a certain distance from your fellows. But, certain immunity boosters are your best friends in this chaos. Food items such as ginger, garlic, lemon, and berries will be your savior protecting you against the covid-19 scare.