March 18, 2020 Blog

Coronavirus: Did you know about these predictions?


Coronavirus: Did you know about these predictions?

As we know there is no cure for coronavirus to date and our scientists and researchers are working day and night to get the cure. First of all, Starzspeak urges you to wash your hands regularly and take all precautions to stay away from the virus.

The new coronavirus has affected the world with a deadly disease, spreading like forest fires, and affecting thousands of people. In India, the number of positive cases has exceeded 100 degrees and the death toll has affected three people. In a place where the panic is contagious like a virus, rumors spread quickly. Some amazing prediction stories also revolve. Here is a list:

Book from 1981
The Eyes of Darkness, a novel written by Dean Koontz and published in 1981, is supposed to predict the spread of a coronavirus. There is a paragraph in the book referring to the creation of a deadly virus known as Wuhan-400, which was named after the place in which it originated. Internet users go crazy with their strange similarities and many say the author was someone who expected the advent of COVID-19.

Prediction in the Simpsons
Most of the time, the Simpsons are credited with predicting that Donald Trump will become President of the United States. The phrase "anticipating the Simpsons" is a common phrase on the Internet. The 1993 episode of Animated Comedy Marge in Chains addressed the outbreak of a mysterious virus that originated in the Far East. The episode revolves around a disease called "Osaka Flow" that spreads across Springfield after residents order juicers from Japan.

Nostradamus predicted this?
Nostradamus, the famous 16th-century French astrologer, physician, and fortune-teller, is famous for his predictions. From the apocalypse to natural disasters, his predictions are dynamic and amazing. According to the Twitter user, Nostradamus also predicts the coronavirus. The validity of the user claim is debatable.

The war of Armageddon
Jen Dixon was an American mentality, and he reportedly predicted the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963. Dixon also predicted that the world would end in 2020 when the planet's Armageddon War' would end. According to netizens, Armageddon he was referring to was the coronavirus.

End of days
Pictures from a page in a book called The End of Days, written by the late Sylvia Browne, spread on social media. Some lines in the book show that the author has predicted that a coronavirus-like epidemic will hit the world in 2020. Here are excerpts: "Around 2020, a pneumonia-like disease will spread throughout the world, attacking the lungs and bronchi and resisting all known treatments. Almost more puzzled. From the disease itself is the fact that it will suddenly disappear as quickly as it came, hit again ten years later, and then disappear completely."
All of these expectations can be shots in the dark. Currently, people need to keep safe by following the guidelines shared by governments, medical experts, and the World Health Organization.