March 5, 2020 Blog

The Dark Side of each Zodiac Signs


As human beings, we all have a light side and a dark side in which each side plays a role in our personality and life. Both parts are what make us who we are. You cannot ignore your dark side because it is part of what makes you. On the contrary, you must accept, understand and use it to help you achieve your goals.

So what precisely is your dark side?
We all know our good side. On our part, we show people in public places. This is the best we are. This is what makes us shine as human beings. This is what we thrive and what we expect. It is not so simple because the other is what you love about yourself. The dark side of his personality is usually many emotions, attitudes, and phobias that are rejected and ignored and that he tries to forget with all his might. The dark side is what you hate most regarding yourself! It’s his concern of failure, extreme shame, or unhealthy coercion

Why do you have to accept your dark side?
Most people specialize in their dark side to fight or ignore it. Some religions and guidance techniques guide you to destroy the darkness inside you to steer a cheerful life. In my opinion, this is often an unhealthy approach because it causes you to divide your personality into two instead of teaching you ways to simply accept and use the dark side to your advantage. Once you understand and accept your dark side, you can start internal work to reconcile the two sides and merge each one in a happy and healthy life. This will not happen overnight, but once it does, you can fully accept your identity and move your way in life. By accepting that you simply are your character, you'll be ready to access a replacement source of private strength and you'll have more energy to guide building what you're keen on about yourself.

Aries is the most impulsive and intolerant of the zodiac signs. They also tend to be immature. Also, if a thought isn't theirs, they do not accept as true with it. They're susceptible to childish remarks once they get their feelings hurt also.

Dear Taurus, I know you love to feel relaxed and relaxed and have everything you can see with your eyes and touch your hands under control. She loves being alone in his territory, property, work, money and his family. She loves good food and good old traditions. I know you are good. You just love what you know and admit that you are realistic. You know very well that dreams will not bring you food or the roof over your head, and even if you are not stubborn, you are also not a soft touch.

Dear Gemini, You are a good friend. What would be the night without you? You always know the latest jokes or the latest published book or ambition you were the first to hear. You are a social whirlwind and you have a thousand interests and obligations. Your favorite hate is boredom. When something or someone does not stimulate your insatiable curiosity, you run away as quickly as possible. What is incomprehensible is that you like to talk about everything and everything, but rarely about yourself.

Dear Cancer, what an amazing sight of feelings you are. Never stop being surprised by your ability to capture the mood of others and the surrounding environment. Like water, the element you belong to, you can flow around obstacles. You are adaptive and be careful not to offend people. Often this is when reconciling enemies by making them see the good in the other. This is instinctively up. You don't want to need or have to please those around you in every way. People have the right to do what they want, not what they want despite the threat of emotional breakdown.

Dear Leo, can you see the importance of maintaining respect for authority? The way you act with others is like saying: "I am the King. I am the best." Whatever your goal, you are following it with an indomitable passion. You are optimistic about your baby, with enthusiasm that ensures that you rarely lose the goal. Unfortunately, you are a disaster when it comes to details, routine things, as well as other people's feelings. You move more quickly than you care about everything. It is important to plan and implement, but we also know that you do not have time to think about everything.

Be careful once you are hanging out with a Virgo as a result of they need an inclination to be much more faultfinding than the alternative signs. they are perfectionists, therefore but significantly sort of a crooked smile will set them off and have them gossip-mongering. they need an inclination to be faultfinding and negative to the aim wherever, once they are down, they assume the world goes to end. The Virgo has high standards. They are perfectionists which they'll decide if you're not up to par. do not expect to determine them beating themselves up over personal failings, though.

Libra did not make up for it. They spend a lot of time preparing and studying for everything small. They are the type of person in a grocery store with two bottles of ketchup checking the labels carefully. Take pounds forever to make a decision because they have to weigh all possible options. They will do anything to keep the peace as long as they give up their values. Pounds fascinated with the beauty and will be prepared for hours before they are ready to leave. They are alarmed at the idea of a settlement and are unable to keep promises. It is not supposed to be harmful, but it is not sincere either.

Dear Scorpio, you are complicated! Let's say that; it's not a bad thing when they say you are stubborn, that you love challenges and that you take revenge. Also, how can you be different? His ability to see beyond appearances, only to capture the secret currents of a unique personality. How distinguished is your mind in having the excellent ability to in-depth analysis of people, things and situations, and their hatred of weakness and inconsistency? Scorpio is unforgiving. If you make a mistake with Scorpio, you will make your life impossible. This sign contains a mood of epic proportions, and when something happens under your skin, it will react to unparalleled anger.

Dear Sagittarius, you look like a tarantula. It should be used as a testimony to announce the saying: "Whoever doubts his loss." For you, there are always goals to achieve, goals to achieve and "lands to conquer". Since the age of colonialism is over and missionaries are at risk of extinction, you must limit your desire to go "further" for a trip or to study Arab or eastern philosophies, etc. Regardless of the fact, in my opinion, the invaders went only to search for gold (and the like) and only missionaries of religious power, I do not think that historical reality is correct in their declaration of supporters of honesty.

Dear Capricorn, you are a great personality! Very serious, uncompromising and focused on achieving your goals. Did you know that I always felt a little envy? When you decide something, there is no way to change your mind. I was really great and assertive even when we were kids. Remember that when you decided to build that sandcastle, and you were not satisfied with the childish effort, it worked all day to build it, but it was not a victory for architecture! Even in clothes, you are perfect and rarely look messy or dress up casual.

Dear Aquarius, You are the monster of intelligence, competence, and logic. The world is a great source of information and study for you and knows how to provide logical answers to everything. You have the solution to every problem. You are a persuasive human being woe to those who mention the cause of hungry children in the developing world! You are truly the new Prometheus, who came to the world to give knowledge to man and put an end to the injustice of the gods.

Dear Pisces, You are the center of human potential. You are always ready to help those suffering. Since you are the "sum" of all other signs, your dark side is very complex. You can be everything and the opposite. One of the things I noticed about you was the secret desire for power. Now, power can take many forms, not just tyrants. It can be practiced as moral blackmail by making others feel guilty for their absolute kindness, and perhaps, deep down, when they help others, they feel happy because their problems have not occurred to them.