March 3, 2020 Blog

Best Careers According To Your Zodiac Signs


In the present time, all kinds of plans are prepared in advance to make and make a career. As soon as the child is born, the parents start worrying about the direction of their career. Wishing success in a career, every person also works hard day and night. Many times many people are not able to get success even after working hard. Many times highly educated youth are also troubled for careers. Astrology has an accurate answer for a career, just need to research it. The occupation and job of a person can be accurately predicted based on the zodiac, planetary constellation, ascendent, state of emotions, ninth cycle, moon position, etc. The first, fifth, fourth and tenth houses of the horoscope have special significance for jobs and occupation. Let us know which career will be better for you than the ascendant of the horoscope.

Aries ascendants definitely get success in getting involved in the field related to work-related to land such as property, contract, sports, etc. But keep in mind, if Mars is weak and Saturn is in a strong state, then the business of steel, iron-related, farming and surgery tools, etc. is beneficial. Also, if the people associated with this ascendant are seen in the tenth house of the horoscope or from Saturn Jupiter, then the business of coaching centers, jewelry, stock market, etc. proves very useful.

The planet lord of this ascendent is Venus. The business of similar items associated with iron is very auspicious. Getting a job in the field related to the industry, transport, chemical, agriculture etc. proves beneficial.

The Lord of this Ascendant is Mercury deity. Such people keep changing their occupation time and again, but if Jupiter is strong in your genitalia, then you can work as journalism, broker, lawyer, acting, consultant, etc. If Mercury is powerful then you can also succeed in the field of the Math teacher, hotel, technology, etc.

The lord of this ascendent is the moon. The people associated with this ascendent can get progress in the field of politics, social service, teaching, import-export. If Jupiter is illuminated with the moon in the birth of a native of Cancer, then such a person can trade gold-silver work, the nursery of plants, medicine, etc.

If Venus is strong in the birth of a person's horoscope, then he should work in the field of acting, music, fragrant things, makeup, poetry, etc. But if there is a sun in the native's birth, then the business of sporting goods, electronics, contracting, clothing business, solar energy etc. can result.

Mercury is the lord of the field in this ascendant. If Mercury is strong in Janmang then work related to the stock market, publication, commission, school, religious work, hospital, etc. gives success.

The Moon is the lord of this ascendant. If Saturn is exalted along with Moon, then the ascendant of this Ascendant gets good success in politics and administration. If the Moon influences the second house of this Ascendant, then such a person can progress in the field of entertainment such as poetry, music, cartoons, etc.

Mars is the lord of this ascendant. The native of this ascendant can also be successful as a popular leader in politics. If there is a Guru in Janmang, then you can be very successful in the business of Garments, Communication, Milk, Oil, etc.

The native of this ascendant can become good engineering, astrology, consultant, share broker, politician, etc. by getting the blessings of Dashmesh Mercury. If the Saturn is strong in the birth of the native of Sagittarius Ascendant, then he earns money from all such sources.

If Venus is alive in Janmang, then the business of food, hotel, tourism, liquor, tea, etc. flourishes for this ascendant. If Saturn is extinguished, the native gets a lot of success in iron trade and foreign trade.

Lord of this ascendant is also Saturn. Before starting the business, the native of this Ascendant should see whether Shani is strong in Janmang or not. If Saturn is strong in Janmang, the native gets a lot of progress in the trade of steel, iron, minerals, chemicals, etc. Such people can also get success in the field of religion and spirituality.

The Lord of Pisces ascendant is the planetary master. If there is a guru in Janmang, then the work of contracting, real state, educational institute, writing, journalism, etc. gives success to the native. For this ascendant, publication, printing press, magazine, TV. There is a lot of success in the work related to the channel etc.