February 25, 2020 Blog

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style statement


All of us must have heard people saying, you are like this because you are a Leo or a Virgo. Our zodiac sign defines our personalities and lifestyle. We live a certain way and project ourselves in a certain style because of how our zodiacs define us. Our fashion sensibility especially is derived a lot from our zodiac sign, so read on further in this zodiac sign style chart to know what style would suit you based on your zodiac. What your style says about you is affected a lot by your zodiac sign style and a lot of times you would find yourself relating to it.


For Capricorns, comfort is something that matters above all. They always want to wear something comfortable yet stylish so you would see them wearing basics but in a different manner altogether. Their style would constantly be evolving but that comfort factor would never change for them.


For an Aquarius, looking good on the outside is as important as anything else in their lives. They always want to be creative with what they are wearing and present a unique image in front of the world. They will always be ready to experiment with colors and prints, which eventually gets them all the attention.


The zodiac sign clothing style that Pisces would embody, can be defined by saying that they have a lot of flairs. That flair is what sets them apart from the rest and you would not be able to notice them because they are surely the ones to stand out in a good way. Their outfit choices are never loud but you will still find something different in them.


If anyone wants their basic outfit to be taken up to another level, an Aries is the one you need to consult. They understand good fashion and know what they are doing which is why you will always find them in surprisingly basic outfits that have been jazzed up to something one would not expect at all. Accessories are a must for their bold style statement to be complete.


Taurus is one to keep up with all the fashion trends and new runway looks and they would love to replicate them as well. They are always making bold choices with their outfits and projecting the same with statement accessories as well. The kind of clothing they go for is comfortable but is extremely fashion-forward.


Quite often you would be asking a Gemini, where did you get that? That is because what they wear would be so unique and immediately head-turning. For them, it is important to experiment with what they wear and you would never find them wearing the same thing twice. Despite that, they are very affectionate and humble and never one to boast of their great fashion sense.


Timeless is the world that could describe how a Cancer wishes to look, always. They are usually the ones that will scream royalty and finesse in the entire room and surely be the overdressed ones as well. For them, being refined and on point at all times is the main goal. Sophisticated and classy were the words that were made for Cancers to describe their sense of style.


A fiery outfit is always the goal that a Leo wishes to achieve, no matter what that takes. Their headstrong personality is what pushes them towards trying out new styles, trends and anything else that catches their eye. They don’t need validation from someone else to know what they look good, as they trust themselves for that.


Subtle and Virgo go hand in hand when we talk about their style choices. Still, that doesn’t mean that a Virgo can’t be the center of attention. They would love for other people to notice them but never with something overdone. Their outfit will always be classy and polished to the extent that you are bound to notice them.


When you will see the style that a Libra embodies, the word that comes out of your mouth instantly would be, wild. They are never afraid to experiment with dark colors because they know they look good in them. quite often you will find them adding on accessories as well, like metal studs and leather jackets or anything else that makes them look different.

Bold colors and prints are something a Sagittarius loves to have in their wardrobe. They need to make a bold style statement that represents freedom and free spirit. Hence, they are always wearing something that screams clean but is stylish and out there at the same time. You can only trust a Sagittarius to do that.


A Scorpio will always be looking sharp and perfect no matter what. For them, dressing up is more important than anything else and they have to look their best at all times. No one knows how they do it but they surely do. With time, they build trust in themselves and wear only what they trust and know will make them look good.