November 26, 2019 Blog

Sagittarius- The Three Decans | Which one are you?


Long before the Babylonians made the division of the sky twelve times, in Egypt they were following closely the stars that rose every ten days throughout the year. The Babylonians later linked these stars to the zodiac, and the Greeks merged these 10-degree segments into their system as deans, from the Greek word for number ten. One of the first uses of these deans was to build amulets to protect themselves from disease, a medical and magical treatment that continued in the Renaissance and the beginning of the twentieth century, where the deans were reimagined as images of the small Tarot Arcana.

One of the main ways to interpret deans is by ruling the planets associated with them. The most famous system uses heptazone or warming order of the planets, depending on their relative speed during the zodiac (Saturn is the slowest, then Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Mercury and the Moon). Starting from Mars in the first Dean of Aries, we move to the sun, Venus, and Mercury, and after the moon we start again in Saturn and follow it again. In this system, the three bow deans govern Mercury, the Moon and Saturn. The Golden Dawn system and the various tarot floors produced by its members (including Rider-Waite, the most widely used deck) often show the influence of these dean's rulers quite clearly on the associated secondary Arcana cards. In this system, the three deans of the interchangeable marks belong to 8, 9 and 10 of the associated suit. In this case, the wands are a tarot suit for fire signs.

First deco of Sagittarius (22 November - 1 December)
Starting at 0 ° Sagittarius and extending the next ten degrees, there is a brigadier associated with Mercury, the rapid god of exchange, commerce and travel. Thanksgiving has thus become one of the busiest times of the year in the United States. Of course, Black Friday became the busiest shopping day of the year. Traditionally, this is the time when deer hunters head to the forest, in numbers that can easily form one of the largest armies in the world.

The province of Mercury can also be seen in the tarot image of this deanship. The dean of the first changeable sign is associated with letter number eight of this element, in this case, eight of the wands. Typical of changeable signs, we often see a subject of movement in the eighties, and this is especially true in a firefighter suit. Therefore, this letter is known as the "master of speed," in the book T of the Golden Dawn. In terms of basic dignity, Mercury is weakened through his homeland and is honored by the Brigadier. Perhaps for this reason, in the LWB ("little white paper") of the hermetic tarot (based on the teachings of the Golden Dawn), the nature of Mercury is expressed not only in swift and sudden movements, but also boldly, forcefully and even potential violence. .

Second Decision of Sagittarius (1 December - 11 December)
Beginning on December 1, it covers 10-20 degrees of arch, brigadier associated with the moon, the goddess of mystery and liquidity. Being associated with nocturnal night forces, the moon is generally not considered lucky or strong in fire / air mention signals. However, the arc is changeable, and this changing environment corresponds to the constant fluctuations of moonlight. Interestingly, this deanship corresponds halfway between the two most powerful sites on the Moon in Taurus and Cancer. Here, the moon starts us gently in increasing darkness.

The second pillar of an interchangeable sign is associated with the ninth digit of this element, in this case, Nine of Wands. Known as the "Lord of Great Power" in T of the Golden Dawn, the "Rider-Waite" version is known as a warrior scene with battle scars apparently on permanent guard and ready. At first, this does not seem to reflect the moon's energy, but it is defensive rather than aggressive. Nine shows us compliance with the energy of the lawsuit, as well as the price paid to achieve it. What has been won through a series of battles, must now be defended.

Third of Deccan Deccan (December 11 - December 21)
Starting around December 11 from 20 to 30 degrees from the arc, we have a baptism ruled by Saturn, the god of time and boundaries. The nature of Saturn corresponds to the period before the darkest days of the year. Solar energy also reaches its limit