September 27, 2019 Blog

More risk more Fortune: Jupiter transitions into fiery Sagittarius


Jupiter is the zodiac sign full of positive energy. It is associated with luck, joy, and opportunity in the life of an individual. It also has the power to help you expand your range of experience with blessings. However, everything in life has pros and cons, including astrology. Jupiter's contagious optimism can make you feel like you're on top of the world but don’t let that feeling intoxicate you with a superiority complex and you need to set up feasible and attainable goals.

The energy of Jupiter needs to be balanced as it can be a bit excessive which may lead to a person’s overindulgence into something. As per Starzspeak, lucky Jupiter is referred to as the King of the Gods and planet of hope and bounty. It is a planet that can be compared to a magnifying glass which makes things bigger and bigger. Jupiter is blessings on blessings thus its high energy if going extreme needs to be controlled and managed.

Jupiter is not only the largest planet of the solar system but also the Ruling planet of Sagittarius. Every year for four months, Jupiter retrogrades and this year it was from August 10. It brings your luck to a standstill as if something bad has happened all of a sudden. With retrograding Jupiter ending on August 11 and its transition into the fire sign of Sagittarius, consider yourself lucky again and it’s time to get high again on free-spirited energy and getting involved in new risks and opportunities knocking at your doorstep. The new ideas that come to your mind now can be considered to be manifested in your new ventures.

Now it becomes important to understand how does a retrograding planet (in this case Jupiter) affects us and what areas of life is affected.

Effects of Jupiter when retrograding

During the time of retrograding Jupiter, it feels like everything has come to a standstill and nothing seems right. The feeling of not moving forward in life the way it should have moved bothers us again and again. And there comes a time when we need to introspect what went wrong and where our own fears or actions may have blocked us from being luckier. Jupiter, being the planet of fortune, expansion, and luck, is a planet that dictates a lot of the way in which we manifest new opportunities. We work upon where we lacked in exploiting all the benefits of Jupiter it provides us.

During a retrograde, we carefully analyze all the patterns of events, our decisions during that time and the results thereafter from our past. It is our tendency to review what we have been playing out in our lives. We learn from those patterns and leave the attitudes instead of attracting repelled more success. The retrograde period is our patience-testing period because it feels like we aren’t moving forward, in many ways. But we should realize that it’s a necessary step to be able to move forward when the planet stations direct.

Retrograding Jupiter is not a bad thing to happen to anyone because it is during this time we let go off of the bad attitude or negative expectations we had been carrying that was ultimately hindering our success. We not only learn from our past experiences but from people too that we came across in our lives. Think about which memories have been playing in your mind from your past lately and how they are revealing secrets that will allow you to be more successful in the future. Also, think of different situations and how you dealt with them at that time and how you would deal with them in the future if you come across them again. Now that you are free of those bad vibes you have been carrying, it’s time to expand!

Effects of Jupiter transitioning into Sagittarius

As we now know that Jupiter is the planet affecting our luck and fortune, so how would it behave while sitting in the sign of Sagittarius? Sagittarius is that it is known as the ‘sign of the evolved soul’. People under this zodiac are fiery in nature having philosophical energy that wants to help society become better. They seek to understand the world through adventure and exposure to new people, places, and ideas. They are brave, love traveling, and always push the limits. All these signs are of risk-takers.

Since Jupiter is actually the ruling planet of Sagittarius, this is an extra lucky placement. It affects all areas of your life. Now that you have this wonderful combination of Jupiter being in Sagittarius, what you get is the need to speak directly about our dreams and visions for the future. You are ready to take the risks of setting your aim on dreams which you didn’t dare to speak about in the past and sincerely work towards it. 

It’s time for you to move out of your comfort zone when everything is in your favor. Put your inner wisdom at work guiding you through this important purpose of your life of bringing something good for the world. Aligning your inner wisdom with your soul’s greatest purpose will make you feel a change coming to you making you more confident, clear in thoughts and energetic to do something for the society at a larger level. This opportunity is rare and for rare people and people who are lucky to have this should make the most of it.