September 25, 2019 Blog

Zodiac signs and their respective magical tools


Magic is approached in many different ways. Spell work is not a new thing, but it has been in practice from time immemorial. It has a mention in different mythologies and cultures all around the world from where we are aware of its existence.

Every sun sign has a specific characteristic and hence there are magical practices designed specifically for the respective zodiac signs based on those characteristics and how those magical tools connect with your personality and work with your personal strengths.

These magic tools help you realize your magic potential and help you bring it out in a great way. Let’s find out which magical tool is best for which zodiac sign.

ARIES- Candle magic

Aries is the first of all the fire signs. They love to be number 1 and hence the first sign in the Zodiac signs’ list. They are bold and ambitious and are ready to take initiative even in the most challenging situations. They clearly know what they want and want it at the earliest. 

Candle magic is a simple yet powerful way to learn and make things manifest in Aries people. Fire creates heat, which in turn creates movement and movement depicts change which further connects with the past, present and future. 

The process: Have an intention or wish. Then choose a colour that corresponds to your intention like green for money, pink for love, etc. Light the candle; cast the spell (make a wish) and then blow it out. 

With the candle magic, Aries will definitely benefit as it gives a constant reminder of patience, intention and undivided focus to manifest.

TAURUS- Meditation

Taurus loves staying at one spot. They experience the beauty in stillness. What else can be better than meditation acting as their magical tool as meditation requires sitting still with crossed legs and straight spine and with the chin parallel to the earth, focusing on one spot on the ground. You can watch all the movements inside you and all the energy around you. Gradually within that movement you will witness magic.

This practice works best when you do it outdoors sitting in nature clearing your mind and focusing on the intention at hand. This will certainly help you win slow and steady.

GEMINI- Petition magic

Gemini has the most active and curious minds, constantly willing to learn more snacking on information and data. If this ability is harnessed, it can tap the talent in the right direction. 

Petition magic is the right magical tool for Gemini. It involves writing down your specific goals within specific time on a special piece of paper and reading it until it gets into your subconscious. The language should be affirmative and after memorizing keep it on your altar. Once the magic has worked, burn the paper and spread the ashes to seal your spell.

CANCER- Lunar magic

Cancer is the Moonchild of the zodiac and hence especially affected by the energies of the lunar calendar. There are different moon cycles every month and Cancer can take advantage of both the new and waxing moons and the full and waning moons with intentions changing as the cycle changes.

Tap into the new opportunities during new moons while using full moons for healing work.

The spell can be cast using anything but be mindful in performing the ritual around only the proper moon phase. That’s the only magic.


Of all the zodiacs, Leo is the best star performer. The magical tool that works best for Leo is chanting mantras through which they can channelize their inner diva. Their voice itself is the magical device which can work wonders for them provided the voice chants or sings positive mantras. Mantras help you activate your spiritual power, manifesting love, healing and abundance into your life making it more fabulous. Repetition of the mantras enhances the power of the mantras being spoken. You can even create your own mantra that reflects your personality and with which you can easily relate to.


Virgo is an earth sign. It’s no surprise that they keep things real, grounded and down to earth. They are approachable and full of wisdom.

They have a unique connection with plants and their cycles. Thus their magical tool can be plants. Get yourself some herbs and grow them in your garden or kitchen. Use them in your cooking. You are close to plants so should be your home décor. Energy shifts are created in your mind and body with the help of plants around you.

LIBRA- Vision boarding

Libra you are creative and thus Creativity can be your spell when it comes to your magic. Creating a vision board can be the best thing for you to constantly remind you what you want and it also increases its likelihood of achieving that.

Assembling things boosts your energy, thus through vision board you will get clarity of your desires and you can focus on them. The things in your life will get assembled automatically with the efforts in the right direction.

SCORPIO-Spell work

Scorpio represents the sign of death and regeneration. Your guiding planet is Pluto and no wonder you can get engaged in occult practices. You have intense energy and you can really be a magician. You can make any spell work for you. You can even use sexual powers through which your orgasm works as your magical tool helping you manifest your desires and focus your intention.


Sagittarius being a fire sign is kind of revolutionary. They believe in questioning the rules and doing things their own way. Chaos magic dated back to England in the 1970s with its roots in occult history.

This magic involves writing down your intention, turn it into a seal and then try your best to forget about it. It is believed that dissociation magically releases the intention into reality and help your spell manifest.

CAPRICORN-Ceremonial magic

Capricorns are best at sticking to a routine. The way ceremonies use specific actions again and again to yield specific results, this magic is no different. 

It is based on Judeo-Christian mysticism involving highly charged events evoking the senses through offerings, incense and colour. It is meant to bring full focus to your intention.

AQUARIUS-Group magic

Aquarians are group lovers bringing like-minded people together. They work their magic for a common cause and hence utilize the power of numbers. They connect with their community for the benefit of all involved.

PISCES-Ritual cleansing

Pisces are the most spiritual personalities of all zodiac signs hence their love of magic becomes natural. The most important part of magic is ‘Clearing’. Clearing your body, space and energy becomes essential as a magic ritual as the world is full of dirt and negative energies. Ritual cleansing can involve baths, cleaning objects with smoke or using positive sound to remove negative energy.