September 18, 2019 Blog

How Rune stones improve your spiritual life


Runes are the letters producing alphabetic script the roots of which stem from the ancient Germanic and Nordic tribes of Northern Europe Scandinavia and Britain for writing, divination, and magical purposes and are still in use by today’s society. Many believe that it dates back to the 3rd century AD. However, it is still debatable as many believe it to be even older than that. It is important and the most effective tool for self-divination. 

The word ‘rune’ derived from Anglo-Saxon word simply means “mystery” or “secret”. We forget our spiritual lives and powers running in our rat races. We often don’t realize the reasons behind what happens, how it happens and why does it happen. Runes as a form of oracle reading system help us discover our spiritual side and gain insight into situations or questions. It also helps us awaken our subconscious. Runes are most commonly made of stones and each stone features a different symbol from the runic alphabet. They are, however, made of other materials too. One of the oldest runic alphabets is the old Germanic runic alphabet, ‘Elder Futhark’. The Elder Futhark contains 24 runes, the first six of which spell out the word ‘futhark’ namely f, u, th, a, r, and k.

Uses of Runestones

The use of Runes is not restricted to just getting to work our intuition and self divination but it can also be used in our daily lives to have a meaningful and better life. If they are interpreted in the right direction they may act as a protective layer against the effects of all sorts of negative energy and block the bad intentions of others affecting you. In addition to this, runes also help to build your confidence, help achieve success in all spheres of life, improve your mood and make you more efficient in managing your time and your life. It will surprise you more than you have ever imagined if the owner rightly reads the signs it gives.

The runes can be used to help you clear the hindrances in arriving at a decision or solution to your problems or issues and help you show what is likely to happen. Don’t confuse it with some form of fortune-telling because it is not so and also it doesn’t offer exact answers or give you advice - rather they offer different variables and suggest how you can go about a problem if it occurs at any point of time. Runes will act as a catalyst to help you understand your issues and also provide you hints towards answers, but it will engage your intuition to work out the details and opt for the way which suits your situation the best.

As individuals always have the power and choice to choose and follow their own path and make their own decisions, whatever the runes guide is completely optional for the people to either follow it or reject it and follow a different route altogether. Thus Rune readers also suggest that the future is not certain. Whatever negative is told today can be turned around by the efforts and decisions of the individuals and vice versa.

The benefits of using Runes are not limited to certain situations but they can be seen on different occasions when you need them the most. If you are stuck with limited knowledge and information and see no clear picture of what is waiting for the future, runes can be your guiding light and help you analyze things clearly to reach a better conclusion. 

On a deeper level, if you’re going through a spiritual transformation that you are unaware of, it may cause discomfort in your life and emotions then using rune stones for guidance can be helpful. Runestones help you sail through all the ups and downs in life and direct your emotions on the right path.

You need to be very careful about storing your Runestones as you won’t want to lose any of them. They should be kept clean and together and are often stored in a little drawstring pouch. You can also store them in closely tight box depending upon your choice.

Start your day with a ritual of guidance from the runes and see how your spiritual life starts doing wonders for you. But the most important question is how to use these to get the best results. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Decide and Ask Your Question

Firstly you have to have a crystal clear question in your mind to be asked because no one can provide you a solution if you don’t know what your problem is. In that way, reading rune stones is very similar to reading Tarot. You might be having ‘n’ number of things in your mind but you need to focus on only those matters which are of utmost importance and requires your immediate attention. For that, you need to choose your question accordingly and write it down with the specific date.

Step 2: Choose Your Rune Stone

Now let your intuition play its role. Put it at work by simply drawing one rune stone focusing on your question because you’ll find that one symbol can be interpreted in different ways. Thus it’s always advisable to choose one stone. In case you are not able to come up with a question, just ask “what should I focus on today?” 

We always have our intuition at work even if we haven’t worked with it consciously before. At many points in life, we use it subconsciously to read people, to make decisions and to prepare ourselves for things to come. The more we practice using our intuition the better we get at making our decisions.

Step 3: Write Down Your Impressions

Once you select the stone and look at the symbol, pay attention to all images, words, ideas, or thoughts that come to mind. Now your intuition advances and begins to speak. You should skip writing anything that comes to your mind right away even if they don’t make sense to you. You might encounter that thing later in your day. These are not coincidences but a sign that your soul is connected to the Supreme Power that is universal and always guides you at every single point.

Now read the rune’s meaning and write down how is it comparable to your own insights.  When you revisit these later you will realize how useful your insights are to make better decisions and you will continue to get more accurate over time. Sometimes you are given something today which you find of no use but the same thing will be of some use tomorrow. The same phenomena function with your insights and later on you will understand its value and your relationship to your intuition will be strengthened. Other than Rune stones there are many tools you can use to develop your intuition but rune stones are comparatively simple, easier to use, and easier to be carried along.

Concluding thoughts and suggestions…

We have only heard of magic and seeing magicians do magic. But we often forget that magic is within us. We just need to explore it through our intuitions. Stay connected to your intuition throughout the day by scheduling time during the day to pull a rune stone. Perhaps practice the above steps just before going to bed or just after waking up in the morning. You won’t want to direct your energy on something less productive or wasteful, that’s why focus on building your future and synergize your thoughts, intentions, and actions for your improvement. Just remember don’t focus on what others would do, why they do it and if it’s bad then how to change them.

Even the Universe says that our wish is its command. We need to be clear about our wish and then plan our actions to attain it and be the master of your own destiny. The runes likewise help you attract high-energy vibrations and along with it come to the partner of your choice, a career that you are interested in and the life which knows its purpose. You will not be the same person and your soul would be evolved with time.