January 1, 2018 Blog

Impact Of Moon On Career


It does not matter how hard a person is working to earn his living, if his or her planetary positions are not well, he will never gain proper results. If we want to observe how these planets affect the life and luck of a person, we need to analyze the direct impact of moon on a person’s luck.
Full moon can be seen 12 times in a year, which we usually term as Puranmasi or Purnima. During the time of full moon, the position of moon affects even the flow of water. This can be scientifically proven too. The logic behind this is we know the tides are formed due to the gravitational pull of the moon hence we infer that water can be influenced by moon and since a human body is made up of 80% water so moon can have a huge impact on a person’s life.
The position of moon at the time of birth of a child becomes perceptual status of that person. It may surprise you that it depends on the position of the moon that how strong or weak a person is emotionally. The position of moon is also related to the work efficiency of a person. Weak impact of moon in anyone’s Kundali makes the person fragile and less motivated towards his work.
Unstable mind poor mental state, mood swings – moon can make the affected person go through adverse situations. If the impact of moon on a person’s Kundali is good then he will perform well in his job and will also gain a lot of profit in business.