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6 simple things to do this Shani Jayanti to remove career related problems


Shani Jayanti is observed as the birth of Lord Shani. Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya. Shani Jayanti festival in 2019 comes on Mon, 3rd June. Shani Jayanti is a Hindu festival and is celebrated by North Indian people. Shani Jayanti is celebrated as one of the 86 Hindu festivals by North Indian people and celebrations and rituals remarking Shani Jayanti is carried out differently in different parts.

Shani Dev is one of the most important Hindu deities. He is the ruler of planet Saturn. He is defined as the as a handsome dark figure carrying a sword (or another weapon) and sitting on a buffalo or vulture or crow. According to the Hindu astrology Lord Shani is the considered as the spiritual karma Guru and he gives the result according to the person’s Karma.

Shani Jayanti is also known as Shani Amavasya. According to Hindu Calendar Shanti Jayanti is celebrated on Amavasya Tithi of the Vaishakh month. The devoted soul observes fast on the Shani Jayanti to remove obstacles from an individual’s life. Shani Jayanti is a very appropriate day for performing Hawan, Yagya, and Homam to appease Lord Shani.

Important Timings On Shani Jayanti


03-Jun-2019 05:44 AM


03-Jun-2019 19:05 PM

Amavasya Tithi Begins

02-Jun-2019 16:40 PM

Amavasya Tithi Ends

03-Jun-2019 15:31 PM

Simple things to do to remove career related problems

Many people consider, the presence of Shani in their horoscope as inauspicious, but the principal purpose of Shani is to guide an individual in pursuing a meaningful life, with the result always being positive. Shani always believes in fair justice and blesses his devotees with what they deserve. This Shani Jayanti here are simple things which can be done to remove the career related problems.

# Light Diya’s on the main entrance

This Shani Jayanti light diya’s on main entrance and this simple remedy will have positive effect on your career related problems. Shani Jayanti is no moon night and the lighting of diya’s at main entrance will ensure that no negative energies can enter into your house. So light two earthen diyas at your main entrance and remove any obstacles which you are facing in your career path and it will mark the gesture of celebration at your end.

#Lightining Diyas in Puja Ghar

When you will lighten the earthen Diya’s in your puja house, it will ensure the accumulation of positive energies in your house and will lots of happiness to you and your family. This Shani Jayanti bring prosperity to your home and escalate your career.

#Tulsi Plant

This Shani Jayanti lighten earthen diya’s near the Tulsi plant. Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious and has medicinal benefits too. According to Hindu mythology it is considered that when the devoted soul lighten the Earthen Diya’s near the Tulsi Plant on the auspicious night of Shani Jayanti, it attracts Gods towards such a positive light source near a Tulsi plant. This is the best remedies to be considered for the removal of career related problems.

#Lightening up the Terrace

This Shani Jayanti don’t forget to lighten your terrace with earthen Diya’s. According to the best remedies listed to do on this Shani Jayanti, lighten your terrace will remove negative energies from your house and will attracts all the positive vibes in your home.

#Peppal tree worship

This Shani Jayanti, worship Peppal tree nearby your house and lighten earthen diya’s near the Peppal tree. According to remedies performed to please Lord Shani, this is the best one to relive from the problems. The best way to prevent the malefic effects of Lord Shani is to lighten diya and perform rituals for Shani dev.

# Importance of Earthen diya as Shani Jayanti Remedies

It is important to note that earthen diya’s should be lit at the auspicious occasion of Shani Jayanti and it is the most powerful remedies for the removal of career related problems. The oil in the diya symbolises greed, jealous, the cotton represents the self or the Ataman, when lit with the fire or knowledge is released of any such vices and we become truly conscious and free of the material aspects. Lighting a Diya symbolises knowledge; the darkness of ignorance lit up with the light of knowledge.


Shani Dev Jayanti Puja Benefits

Shani Jayanti Puja is beneficial in the listed ways:-

Shani Jayanti Puja helps to win over adversities.

Shani Jayanti Puja provides protection from any kind of evil.

Shani Jayanti Puja helps to eradicate loans and debts.

Shani Jayanti Puja helps to remove any malefic effects of planet Saturn.

Shani Jayanti Puja helps in overall spiritual as well as materialistic growth of devotees.

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