September 25, 2018 Blog

Shani Trayodashi- Time, Rituals, Mantra


By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

It is believed that if Lord Shani is prayed on this day, your devotion is rewarded and he blesses you with a healthy and risk-free life. Any threat to your life is removed and life risks are lowered. Those undergoing the period of Sade- sati of shani, Ardastama Shani, Ashtama Shani or its anterdasha are advised to perform the Shani Trayodashi puja.

Date & Day (Saturdays)

Start Time

End Time

26th May, Shukla Paksh


9:18 PM

22nd Sept, Shukla Paksh

06:31 PM

08:55 PM

6th Oct, Krishna Paksh

06:19 PM

08:46 PM

Shani Trayodashi/ Pradosh Vrat 2018

This day the devotees pray in the name of Lord Shani as this day is considered as the day of Lord Shani. Praying him brings relief to those suffering from the adverse effects of the planet Saturn (Shani). This is one day that helps you to get the blessings of Lord Shani like no other time or day.

Shani Mantra-

One must chant this mantra while praying-

“Neelanjana Samabasam Ravi Putram Yamaagarjan,

Chaaya Martanda Sambhutam Tan Namami Sannescharam”

Meaning- I bow down in front of Shani who is as vibrant as the Blue Mountains, who is the eternal son of Surya (Sun God), who is the elder brother of Lord Yama (God of Death), who is to Chaya and Martanda and who is moving slowly.

How to Chant This Mantra- It is preferable if you chant this mantra in a Shani or Hanuman temple as it brings divine energies around you and the place is filled with positivity. But if not, you can also chant this mantra in a peaceful quiet place. You must understand the meaning of this mantra and deeply think about it while chanting.

Things to do on this Day-

  • Concentrate on praying, this will help you feel positive and Lord Shani will bring forward a better life for you.
  • On this day you must fast. This brings self control and it pleases Lord Shani
  • Devotees must perform Shani Dosh Puja and Sade Sati Puja to please Lord Shiva. You can also perform Shani Shanti Puja to calm the turbulences of the planet. On Shani Trayodashi devotees must perform tailabeshakam as a part of Shani Trayodashi Puja.
  • To please Shani Dev 100 grams of ginger oil packet, black ribbon, 1 kg coal, 8 iron nails, few Navadanyams must be donated to the temple priest or can be immersed in running water.
  • Food must be offered to crows and offer food to the needy. Rice must be distributed with salt meals to the poor. Black clothes must be distributed to the poor people.

If you are unable to do all of the above-mentioned things, you must at least do some of them or any one of them.