May 16, 2019 Blog

Know all about Date, Significance and history of Jamat-Ul-Vida celebrations


There are a lot of celebrations and festivals in human lives due to which it becomes easier to lead a better life ahead. If there are no celebrations, then it can become really difficult for you to lead a successful life and you won’t be able to enjoy. Most of the festivals include thanking God for the blessings but Jamat-Ul-Vida is a festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world to get forgiveness and mercy from their God. The people celebrate this day by attending the famous Jamat-Ul-Vida festival and it is done on the last day of Ramzan which falls according to the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. To maintain harmony and peace in the world, this festival is celebrated by the Muslims. Ramzan is observed by the Muslim community and this month, fasting is done by people. It is believed that Quran’s first revelation is sent on Night of power and it is on total five odd nights of the Ramzan’s festival last ten days.

You must have heard of the Jamat-Ul-Vida which is a special occasion for the Muslim community and this festival is celebrated every year during the end of Ramzan month. People read the Holy Quran on this day and they perform several special prayers to worship their god.  The charity works, scriptural reading and poor feeding are preferred by the Muslims on this day. Do you know Jamat ul Vida meaning? It means that the Holy Quran's good wishes and the people who want to live a happy and satisfactory life choose to get wishes from their god by reading this book.

If you want to know about the History of Jamat-Ul-Vida, then you should  be known with the fact that this day is celebrated because Prophet Mohammed said that Fridays are  really important days for the Muslim prayers and this day is blessed more than any other day and  Allah would always protect those people who will read the Quran on this day. It is also believed that God also visits a Mosque on this day due to which prayers of people are heard on this day.  If you have any of the Muslim friends, then you can also celebrate this festival with them because there is nothing wrong with celebrating festivals with your loved ones.

What are the rituals of Jamat-Ul-Vida festival?

The Muslims all over the world celebrate this occasion in the best manner and it is one of the most religious and special festivals for the Muslims. They go to the Mosque located in their city and then honor their god. During the early morning, the festival is celebrated in the morning and people believe that they are showered with lots of blessings by Almighty Allah. People ask for forgiveness and mercy from their God on this day. The routine prayers are performed by Muslims and they also perform some special prayers on this day. Every devotee should bath early in the morning on this day and he/she has to wear a new cap and clothes. People get to lead a peaceful and happier life ahead and they can get forgiveness for themselves. The religious gurus motive the people to follow the special teachings of the Quran.

What is the Jamat-Ul-Vida date of celebration?

If you are looking forward to celebrating this occasion, then the Jamat-Ul-Vida 2019 Date is between 30 to 31st May but the dates can vary according to the sunrise and sunsets. This festival always falls on Friday which is the last day of Ramzan for the Muslims. They perform prayer in the morning and then the whole Quran is recited during the day. The various activities are done to help the poor people and food is offered to them. The Prophet Muhammad used to believe that Friday is one of the significant days of the week and it is the really pure and perfect day to perform Namaz properly. Almost every Muslim believes that the prayers made on this day are always answered by the god.

To celebrate this day, special arrangements are made and they also get a chance to enhance faith in their religion. The mosques are decorated and there are a lot of devotees who go there on this day and the priest encourages them to read Koran so that they can live a happy life. The feasts are prepared and all family members enjoy together on this holy day. The person who performs namaz on this occasion is definitely able to get blessings easier as compared to the other days of the year.  

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