January 29, 2019 Blog

Guru Ravidas Ji: An Enlightened Figure Fought To Abolish Caste & Creed System In 15th Century


 Gone were many days, still there are a number of mass who are unable to think above the caste and creed system in India. Many saints, social reformers, philosophers took birth in the pious land of India and tried effortlessly to abolish the caste and creed system from the country with different movement. One of the greatest movements was the Bhakti movement and Guru Ravidas Ji was the active member in it.

Today, in this piece of content, we are going to put our glance on the facts of Guru Ravidas Ji who is considered one of the eminent figures in Indian history and social reforming movement in 15th Century. He was a thinker and he condemned the hierarchical system in Indian society.  

A Brief on Guru Ravidas Ji’s Family, Childhood, Marriage and Later Life

Shri Guru Ravidas Ji was famous in the name of Raidas. He was a poet, social reformer, saint as well as a philosopher. He was an ardent devotee of God. He was the part of Nirguna Sampradaya (Sant Parampara) and he had carried out a significant role in North Indian Bhakti Movement. Ravidas ji was a spiritual leader for people. His devotees are known as Ravidassia. His preaches are known as Ravidassia Panth. He took birth in the Harijan caste. He was a great devotee of God and the copious faith in God took place in his heart from his childhood.

  • Parents: His father, Santokh Dass Ji ran shoemaking and repairing business in Seer Goverdhanpur Village, Varanasi, and Uttar Pradesh. His mother, Kalsa Devi Ji was a housewife. On every Magh Purnima his birthday is celebrated in different parts of the world by his followers.
  • Education: Ravidas was a brilliant student and he caught the attention of his teachers when he was studying in Pt. Sharda Nand’s Pathshala. People of higher caste wanted to restrict the education of Ravidas. But, Pt. Sharda took initiatives and admitted Ravidas in his own Pathshala. No doubt, Ravidas was not an ordinary student and he learned so many things too early and became the spiritually enlightened soul and social reformer.
  • Marriage: Ravidas was the soul of a Philosopher, poet, social reformer and spiritual Guru. He was generally detached from his family, family-business and private life. Therefore, his parents took an initiative and fixed his marriage at an early age with Lona Devi. Though, he was unable to fully concentrate in his family and marriage life, and got separated from his family, and started to live alone and got involved in social matters.  

This was not the end of his life. He had a long way to walk and so many things to do for the sake of people. So, he did and he contributed a couple of years of his life to bring wellness, happiness and prosperity for the people belonged to lower caste. He had written so many poems, pads, and devotional songs.

Facts You Should Know about Ravidas Ji – The Saint


Ravidas Ji was one of the influential figures in the 15th Century and it is denoted by his social movement for reformation and enlightenment. Let us reveal some of the Unknown facts about Guru Ravidas Ji that make you inspired and give you a new vision to live life.


  • Ravidas Ji was a son of a cobbler. He was a legend. In-spite of being a public figure, he did not give up his family profession – making and delivering shoes to his customers.


  • Once his devotees asked him to dip into the pious river in the Ganges. He refused the proposal as he was in need to deliver shoes to his customer on the same day.
  • His father deprived him of the family property as he was unable to concentrate in family life but getting involved in worldly affairs.
  • Among his religious poems, 41 poems were mentioned in the Sikh’s religious text – the “Guru Granth Sahib”/“Adi Granth”. The 5th Guru of Sikhs compiled the pomes into “Guru Granth”. It indicates The Sikh connection he fostered due to his spiritual teachings and verses. A large number of Sikh people are followers of Ravidas ji and it has been going on from deep past.


  • The poems and verses of Guru Ravidas Ji became the manifesto Sikhs and Dalits in Punjab. These writings inspire a large number of people and they become devotees of Guru Ravidas Ji on their own.

  • Guru Ravidas Ji was the mentor of Meera Bai.

  • The whole life he sacrificed to bring peace and equality in human in abolishing caste and creed system.

Guru Ravidas Ji believed in Karma. He believed that only Karma can bring the power to get rid of salvation not the birth. He fought vigorously against the caste system and believed anyone can build a relationship with God with the pure believe, conscience and devotion towards God.