January 17, 2019 Blog



Love has much meaning and love could be found anywhere. As each day we are totally moving ahead with the stereotype social things, we are finding that some females are attracted to older men. Every day we have many examples for this kind of relationships like Donald Trumph who is 70 years of age and his first lady is 18 years younger than this.  There are many more similar examples where we get to see young females getting attracted to older men. The phenomenon of young females getting attracted to older men is known as “May-December Romance”, which is very much trending these days. If we come to the society thinking process, the understanding of pairing older man with a young female is that the older men get attracted to young girls and young girls find the security of life with older men.


#Financial Security

  • With age, most men acquire heights in their career along with money, home, financial stability and secured life. This is one of the primary reasons why females get attracted to older men. This secured life is something that is desired by each women and leading to this secured life males do take time. But men at a certain age gap has already achieved that much which is an attractive and most loved thing for a women. It is often said that the man’s longevity and his bank account are the things that attract the women around him.

#Father Figure

  • Females mostly have a fantasy to marry someone who resemble to her father mostly in conversations, eye colour, hair colour, looks, maturity, mental stability and other similar things. According to a survey in 2010, financially independent women are looking for older men but the men should be handsome and well settled. Suppose if your father is Silver Fox then why to hesitate if you can get another one in your life.

#Sex Symbolism

Females are always been raised with internalizing the male gaze. The women in our society have always been seen as an object for sexual pleasure and viewing this perpective of life is a different experience. So, dating an older men will always makes you feel young and hot as the male you are with will always look at you as you are young and hot because he is much older than you. And there is a saying that “A man is only as young as the women he feels, but a woman is only as young as man sees her to be”. This is one factor that is important for a women to have her self confidence built up.

Maturity Level

  • Older men have a maturity to another level as they have experienced life much more than you. This maturity attracts the women around him. According to surveys, women get attracted to the sensible conversations and mature decision taking capability of older men. The older men have already achieved so much in life, so these experiences give them the ability to be stable and mature in all kind of situations. This situation handling ability is a point of attraction for women.

#Life Experiences

Generally the young women considered old men to be more experienced than them . They feel that their life experiences towards the realistic situation will guide them to better world.

#They know exactly how to please you

In public or in loneliness the older men have lots of ideas to please a young woman.


The older men never have an eye to another lady to make you jealous. So younger women find them more loyal.

#They are quite clear about their priorities and preferences.

#They are always well dressed according to their position and always sophisticated.

#Mental Stability

The younger women find older men more stable mentally than the younger one.

#Intelligent conversation

The older men are more intelligent in their conversations and they know how to give strong opinions.

The May December romance is common word used for age gap relations. The older men find the younger women more attractive and sexier . The young women finds older men more stable either mentally or financialy. The older men have lots to things to say and the young women have may more things to learn from them. Relationship fulfillment depends on a host of factors, but according to the psychological point of view the age gap is not only considerable factor to say who will be happiest with whom, who will share more satisfied marital bonds with whom