Prediction On Lok Sabha Election 2019 Via Astrological Point Of View

By: Ananya

Next Lok Sabha election 2019 is just around the corner. Not only the nation but also general people are taking preparation for the election. There are many questions buzzing everywhere “Will Modi win again?”, “Will Modi government continue the magic for new next five years” and lots more.  

Astrological Prediction On Next Lok Sabha Prediction 2019

When we are going to predict the next Lok Sabha 2019 according to astrology, there are three prime factors to analyze – Horoscope of India, Horoscope of Bharitiya Janata Party or BJP, and Horoscope of Congress.

Horoscope of India

Let us resume on the horoscope of India first as we are going to predict on India’s next Lok Sabha election 2019.

By ascendant, India is Taurus or Vrishabha and it is Cancer by moon sign. India is running through Moon-Jupiter dasha. Jupiter is the 8th and 11th lord of India and it is placed now at Scorpio. But in actual, Jupiter rules the 6th house (in Libra which is not an auspicious placement for Jupiter) of Indian chart and it indicates major disputes. As India is going through the Jupiter sub period, the connection is not fruitful for next Lok Sabha election 2019. Even the placement of 10th Lord Saturn in the 8th house in Sagittarius also indicates major dispute in the election. The placement of Saturn in Sagittarius indicates, India will not capable to make strong government to rule the central ministry. May the ruling party (BJP) not acquire the majority of seats in general election, and opposition leader may become the Prime minister of India.

Horoscope of BJP

Next, we are going to have a look on the chart of ruling party, Bharitiya Janata Party or BJP,

BJP is Gemini by ascendant and Scorpio by Moon sign. The 3rd lord Sun is well placed in the 10th house, Pisces and the 10th lord Jupiter is placed well in 3rd house, Leo. It is good khetra-paribartan yoga. Therefore, BJP had done excellent result in their previous Lok Sabha election and won with majority of seats during the Sun Mahadasha. But, the case is not same for coming Lok Sabha election 2019. The Moon Mahadasha has already started from April 2018 and Moon is placed in the 6th house, in Scorpio. Placement of Moon in Scorpio is not an auspicious yoga as Moon gets debilitated in this house. Scorpio is enemy sign for Gemini ascendant and the case is same for BJP. It will provide negative effect in the next Lok Sabha election 2019 to BJP. The consequent defeats in assembly elections of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh indicated it clearly.

When the Lok Sabha election 2019 will take place during April to May in the same year, BJP will undergo Moon-Mars dasha. The Mars is the 6th and 11th lord of BJP may help them to gain the power but with less than 190 seats in Lok Sabha election. And, it is not considered auspicious for Bharitiya Janata Party or BJP.

Horoscope of Congress Party

Moving forward to the next horoscope of Congress party, we can see that Congress is Pisces by ascendant and Virgo by Moon sign. The party is undergoing Jupiter-Venus dasha and it will continue till the month of September 2019. Venus is the 3rd lord and it is placed in the 10th house, Sagittarius. This connection can be proven beneficial to Congress party in next Lok Sabha election 2019.

Venus has been proven beneficial for Congress party for so many times in previous years. The placement of Saturn in the 10th house, Sagittarius creates trouble for Congress party in the year 2019 Lok Sabha election. Additionally, Saturn is placed in the 4th house according to the natal position of Moon for Congress. This connection also does not come up with benefic result for Congress party in the next Lok Sabha election 2019. The placement of Saturn indicates that Congress will remain as the strong contender against Modi government.

On the Concluding Part……………..

Therefore, it can be indicated that India is going to experience a formation of weak government of central in coming Lok Sabha election 2019. Modi government will commensurate again in the coming election. Congress government will acquire the seat as the strong opposition. Even it is expected, India will be again govern by Modi government till 2022.

Living in India and desiring for the goodness of India and Indian people, we can pray that whichever the party will come to rule may they bring happiness and prosperity for the country in every ground.