By: Bhavya

Big Boss season 12 was started on 16th September and now it’s been three months the show has seen many ups and downs in the housemates’ behavior and gathered the audiences’ excitement for the show. From many reality shows, Big Boss has always been at the top in the TRP lists whenever it is broadcasted on the channel. The Big Boss 12 has come to its last week of the season and everybody is so excited to know who will win Big Boss 12.  As you know that the winner of the last season was Shilpa Shinde and now we are looking forward to see who will win Big Boss 12.

Talking about the finalists, the top five finalists of the Big Boss 12 are:-

  • Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim
  • SreeSanth
  • Romil Choudhary
  • Deepak Thakur
  • Surbhi Rana

It takes a lot patience and guts to face all kind of mental stress and  then emerge as a mentally stable and calm person once the show is finishes. This show is a platform where we as an audience gets the chance to know the people not as a character but know them about their personality and behavior.

Among all the finalists, SreeShanth has shown the overall growth in the whole journey of this show. He has shown all the shades of his behavior which includes happiness, sorrow, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. SreeShanth has shared all the black and white times of his entire life. He has been the most talked personality of the show since day one and almost all the housemates revolve around him and talk about him only. He has been the person that has a clash with almost all the housemates and everyone targeted him over and over. People coming from outside and people living inside the Big Boss house talk about him and discuss about him only. At the same time, there is a problem with SreeShanth is that he never performed tasks very promptly and often used bad languages for him co-housemates. Be it being short tempered or aggressive in nature, he has always maintained himself to be at the top of the most talked housemates’ list. Anytime he enters into a heated argument, he creates a storm in the house. He has always managed himself to be in the eyes of the audiences watching the show and always top the list of best game planner in the house. Sreeshanth has also at times disagreed with the Big Boss’s decision and this also has created a mess in the house and has created a controversy of the week. Yes SreeShanth is a famous person and before he entered the house and even after he stayed in house with his controversial nature.

From the past 11 seasons, it came as a point of discussion that it is not necessary to be controversial for winning the show but it is very necessary to show all the shades of your behavior in the show. Yes performing task is important in the show but being mentally stable and confidence is also necessary requirement to be a winner of the show.  SreeShanth had a very heated argument with the Co-housemate Somi khan and Saba khan but for his bad behavior and wrong words he apologized to them immediately. SreeShanth has a quality of accepting his mistakes and wrong things once he realizes about them. SreeShanth has also been scolded many times by the host of the show Salman Khan, and he always obeyed his words with grace but whenever SreeShanth felt like expressing his point to Salman Khan he never stepped back in doing so as well. SreeShanth is a person who is very emotional and loves his family a lot. He celebrates birthdays of all his family members living in the Big Boss house only and he also expresses his clear feeling to all the housemates. He has seen a lot of things in his life and he still managed himself to be stable and live with his pride along with all the allegations that has been alleged to him. SreeShanth has all the capabilities of winning the show as he is very confident and very mentally stable. He has shown the growth of his behaviour and mental strength through the journey of the show. He never faked with his behavior. He also has a fight with Surbhi Rana which became very ungly later but in this case also he apologized Surbhi Rana in front of the Host Salman Khana and again in front of the housemates after the Weekend ka Vaar was over. Seeing all the aspects of his behavior and the fights he had in the house, he has emerged as a person with all shades of behavior whether its love, hate, anger, funny, etc. This ultimately makes him to be the best choice for winning Bigg Boss 12.