December 11, 2018 Blog



By: Bhavya

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of zodiac. In Sanskrit it is referred to as Dhanusha, Meaning of Name: The Archer and the Type: Fire-Mutable-Positive. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. They are very curious, they love to explore, fun loving and of course a good company. Their spirit of inquiry is endless.

When a planet moves to new zodiac sign or a new house of our natal chart that is commonly referred to as planetary ingress. On December 12 2018, mercury will enter Sagittarius. According to astrology, Mercury is the prince in the planetary system. It is a medium-built, impotent planet with a kind speech. Mercury gives auspicious results when it is in union with auspicious planets and provides inauspicious results when it is in union with inauspicious planets.

Mercury is in Sagittarius from December 12-January 4. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, our thinking shifts from a need to plumb the depths of any given situation to the desire to learn about a wide range of topics. Ideals are sought, our thinking is more optimistic, and our faith increases. We are more equipped to believe and to persuade. What is fair and unfair concerns us most now. However, we are not always very precise under this influence.

Date-12 December 2018

Time-(Wednesday) 6:42 pm.

Until the twelfth of December, Mercury remains in Scorpio. Thereafter, the Aquarian apogee Moon illuminates Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius (12/12/18), passing its shadow zone by the twenty-fourth. Venus and Mars remain in Scorpio and Pisces, respectively, until the end of December, when Mars ingresses into Aries, its cardinal, diurnal domicile. Finally, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter blaze through the Archer, until the solstice sees the Sun’s ingress into Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Mercury will finally be finished with its retrograde motion on December 6th 2018 so you can once again expect more normal circumstances in your career and communications. When mercury will enter Sagittarius this planetary ingress will be a big bang for the zodiac sign. The individuals who belong to this zodiac sign will focus enjoy flexibility; expressiveness in their writing skills. This planetary ingress will favor in career and have a professional gain. During this time the individuals will make and receive calls favoring lots of communication with others. These days will be very exciting and full of self-expression until and unless you think before you speak.

Sagittarians are moving into new moon phase from December 6, 2018. This new moon phase will be evident from the many lucky breaks you will get.  You will be surrounded with lots of energy. Hence you should focus on specific areas of life where you want to make big achievements like love, family, your residence, career, health etc.

The only new moon in your own sign this year blankets the sky on Friday, December 7, aligning your emotions with your sense of self. You will be surprised as you will take little things more personally because of this new moon phase.

On the 16th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you will find yourself brimming with positive thoughts.

December 16 will be an ideal day to take action. Mars in your home sector will be perfectly aligned to Pluto in your financial sector. This will be the perfect timing to catch an attractive deal. If you are having water-related problems you will fix it right this month. The best day will be on or close to 16 December 2018

Friday, December 21, when the sun drifts into Capricorn. Now, money is on your mind, and you’re thinking about ways you can double-down on your material wealth.

The following day (Saturday, December 22), the moon moves into Cancer, forming an electric full moon — the last one of 2018. We’re typically taught to think of money in black-and-white terms. Under this vivid sky, however, you realize that finances are extremely emotional, and your interest in resources is a reaction to your past.

Finally, the month concludes with an exciting cosmic shift. Mars — the planet of action — moves into fiery Aries on Monday, December 31. For you, this is extremely auspicious. Aries energy activates the area of your chart connected to creativity, so let this powerful motion ignite your artistic sensibilities. This is an excellent time to start a new project, take center stage, or even fall in love.

December 2018 is a time to dissolve old structures, old ways of being and doing. In January 2019, in the Capricorn season, you will build new foundations for the future. But now is the time to dream big, bigger than ever, and open yourself up to a completely different reality.

December 2018-Sagittarius

This month might have started with the lack of confidence, but as the time will pass you will feel more confident and an increased faith. Remember this December 2018 you will be lucky to the situations you will encounter. With Mercury in Scorpio, it will send you to be more concentrated about your future. Venus in Libra will give you desired results. Love relations will be at the peak and you will enjoy twin love for travel and food.

Sagittarius Love

Long-Awaited romantic times are about to come. You will enjoy quality time and a perfect time to create great moments with him or her.

Sagittarius Career

Your professional life will reach great heights if you avoid the tried and tested methods and start thinking out of the box. New opportunities will be knocking at the door, go ahead and grab it.

Sagittarius Finance

You will be getting monetary benefits from the unexpected source and certainly, that will bring a dramatic change in your financial conditions. This is the best time to make great financial deals.

Sagittarius Health

You will not face any major health problems this month. Take good care of your eyes.