December 6, 2018 Blog

December Love Horoscope


By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

While the stars are in constant movement, this is a month of moving away from the chaos of your love life and entering into a zone of compassion and love for some, while a time for love and intense intimacy for others. Let us see what is your love horoscope this month.

  • Aries-

Love Horoscope- Keep it controlled in terms of your relationship, this month. Do not overstress and do not go off the edge. As you may have some jealous moments in your relationship this month. Keep patient as what you seek will come your way in the best form. This month isn’t very much a romantic one for both those who are in a relationship or single. You will have brief moments but nothing much. Just enjoy the festivities and let go anything that is keeping you away from your loved one. I would just say expect less and enjoy more.

  • Taurus-

Love Horoscope- You are not a ‘player’ sign. You seek strong bonds of love. Hence you may have to wait a little while more before finding the right one if you are single. Those in love shall undergo a calm phase of genuine conversations and developing interests. Nothing much on the romantic front but yes mental intimacy will be stimulated with long chats and conversations that will help you explore the innermost sides of your loved one. Do not push too much and let you and your partner be in a comfortable state. You must let it go wherever necessary; do not force things with yourself.

  • Gemini-

Love Horoscope- It will be the most partnership driven month of the year for you.  The sign will be under the influence of Jupiter and this will be a phase for committed relationships and expansion in your love life. You may also realize that some people are too toxic for you and your relationship and you shall distance from them which will be a great step towards building a strong relationship with your partner. You can wait till December 6 before beginning any new relationships as Mercury will finish its three week retrograde and open up the gates for better communication and lesser misunderstandings.  

  • Cancer-

Love Horoscope-The rare Mars Neptune combination will make it big in terms of love this month. You will make some special efforts for your loved one just to let her/him know how special she/he is. They will appreciate it and it will be a stepping stone in your relationship. Those single can expect to have a strange coincidence of meeting someone you will find charming. Intimacy is on the cards in the most romantic way. However you will also have times when you will be entering a zone of me time. It is in fact a great step towards building healthy relationships.

  • Leo-

Love Horoscope- This sign is the ruler of zodiac’s fifth house and Jupiter is placed here hence you will have a romantic month with many moments to cherish. Love will be all around you and you and your partner may travel a trip that will bring you closer. Those single will also have happy and love vibes around them, it is for them to decide whether they are willing to start a relationship or not. This will be a phase of less lows and more ups on the love front. By the end of the month you may explore love in the most extraordinary way. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Virgo-

Love Horoscope- The sun is placed in the Sagittarius and that calls for a month full of sentiments and emotions. You will have heated moments of friction with your partner and you may go of the track with the wrong choice of words. So be careful of what you say and be a bigger person to apologize for your mistakes. But after December 7 Mars and Neptune will make a rare meet up in your seventh house of partnership, so it will be a transforming phase. Long going romantic relationships may turn into a bond forever and you may plan on tying the knot. Those that are single will have a chance to meet someone very appealing who will match up to what you have been searching for in a partner.

  • Libra-

Love Horoscope- This will be a month of socializing for the Libra. Mars is in your house and so there is something exceptional coming your way this month. You will meet new people and make new bonds and those looking for a long term relationship can expect to find the right one. Those in a romantic relationship already will continue to grow and explore. You will have an intimate month will many special moments to cherish in this festive season. With the sun in Sagittarius the spark and enthusiasm in your relationship will grow and you shall be able to create and cherish some special moments with your loved one.

  • Scorpio-

Love Horoscope- Mercury shall have a profound effect on your emotional and love front. The loss of communication shall lead to small miscommunications with your loved ones in the first half of the month especially. Keep it calm and we suggest you take a little time off to introspect and have a deeper understanding of your love life. The Mars Neptune meet up can also be a positive force in conceiving a baby for some. So scorpions you can make love with the utmost positivity for those who are planning for a growing family. This shall be a month of extreme highs and lows both in your love life. I think that is what love is! Keep it cool if you wish to get through this phase positively.

  • Sagittarius-

Love Horoscope- It going to be the best month of the year for you. You will unveil new prospects in your love life. Long wanting bonds will grow and you will be able to have some really special and intimate moments with your loved one. Those single will be happy and unstopping when it comes to exploring love. You may also go ahead and propose someone you like. The stars are more likely in your favor. It is on your stars, to enjoy and rejuvenate with intimacy. You will be developing new bridges towards successful relationships.

  • Capricorn-

Love Horoscope- This month will be a healing phase for your relationship. You will be able to solve all the confusions between you and your loved one.  You will be lovingly setting up strong conversational and romantic bonds. Those who are single are also likely to start a new relationship with their deliberate attempt and strong communication skills. You can also expect a new beginning with a surprise moment from your loved one. I would suggest being more accepting and do not build walls around you.

  • Aquarius-

Love Horoscope- This will be a fun month with loads of adventures coming your way. You will be in the party mood keeping it light and energetic. Those single will enjoy to the fullest and have chance to meet new people on the love end. Also someone who has been waiting to propose for long must go ahead as the stars are on your end. Those in a relationship already will enjoy every bit of it, exploring new things on the romantic level as well.  You will gather the lost energy in your relationship. Just enjoy what is coming your way this month.

  1. Pisces-

Love Horoscope- After 6 December stars will turn a favorable course. This month will be a ray of positivity in terms of building a better a tomorrow with your loved one. Those single are not very lucky in terms of love this month but flings may happen. In this season of festivity those in a relationship will have less time to spend together as they will be messed up in too many gatherings.  This year the sun is in your favor unlike all the other years and so you do not have to worry. You loved one will show commitment towards you and this will take you by awe.