November 27, 2018 Blog

Best party dress to wear on New Year for each zodiac sign?


By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

New Year is almost here and if you are stressing about what color to wear or what lucky dress should you pick this New Year so that the coming year is joyous and prosperous, here are the dress to wear for each Zodiac sign. It is important to dress up right, especially when it is New Year's Eve.

  1. Aries- You are a vibrant soul and a party starter. Your energies are unmatchable and people always look forward towards your presence at the parties. Make sure you wear a vibrant red dress for this New Year, not just will it make you look stunning but will also be an amazing beginning to the year.
  2. Taurus- You are an appealing personality and like to keep it sexy yet classy. Go for calm colors like shades of pink and keep the fabric classy as always. You will be the heart of the party and steal away a lot of attention.
  3. Gemini- The strong but the sweet Gemini personalities must go for something that complements you like the mint color which perfectly blends with your zodiac and also matches your subtle character.
  4. Cancer- The bold and ferocious personalities of this zodiac always like to dress up in bright and metallic shades. This New Year goes with what your heart says but remembers to keep it classy yet edgy with less bright but more of bold colors like the bold shades of blue.
  5. Leo- Leo is star personalities and the trendsetters. Go for metallic shades and that light up the entire party and all heads will turn around to fall in love with your style.
  6. Virgo- It does not matter what you wear because you know how to carry off everything well. Accessorize what you wear and go for shades of light blue or sea green.
  7. Libra- Go for a Victorian styled dress preferably in maroon and you can keep it short or even backless. Why such a style because you like a balance in life and so should it reflect from your dress.
  8. Scorpio- You like it sophisticated and very classy. Go for a Tuxedo with a pinch of your own style and innovation. You take your looks seriously and know very well how to experiment without going wrong.
  9. Sagittarius- You are unique, adventurous and fun. So say it with your style too. Go for a completely new style and look like a fusion dress or the Boho Look.
  10. Capricorn- You are not someone that is very fussy about dresses, you believe in inner beauty and like to keep it casual yet vibrant. Go for more of a casual look with a jacket that talks all about you.
  11. Aquarius- Your power color is turquoise and it switches on the charm in you. This year New Year will be even more happening with your turquoise dress. Keep it peppy, just like you.
  12. Pisces- Pisces like to go for comfort and style both, so you must try and jumpsuit or a formal wear and accessorize it well.