Bill gates predictions for future

By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

Name: William Henry Bill Gates

Date of Birth: Friday, October 28, 1955

Time of Birth: 20:58:00

Place of Birth: Seattle

Longitude: 122 W 20

Latitude: 47 N 36

Time Zone: -8.0

Rasi/ Moon Sign: Pisces

Nakshatra or star constellations: Uttarabhadra

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Western): Scorpion

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian): Libra

William Henry Gates, popularly known as Bill gates is a renowned name and an inspiration for many who wish to achieve something big in life. His success and life story has been phenomenal and one that everyone wishes to have. It’s rare to see someone achieve so much popularity, mass-appeal, affluence and power altogether.  

The Astrological Highlights


  • Bill Gates is a Gemini Ascendant and Mercury favors him and is placed in the 4th House with Mars in his birth Chart.
  • The presence of Mercury in Virgo has given him a strong foundation for intelligence, creativeness and knowledge. It has made him a smart and intellectual person with exceptional observation, rational and analytical powers. Powerful Mercury naturally bestows him with great grasping power. Mercury happens is the Lord of the Ascendant and the 4th House. The 4th House signifies happiness and satisfaction, and this implies that he was able to make people around him happy and provide a positive energy to all.  
  • Mars and Mercury in the 4th house made him passionate, high spirited and astute. The presence of both Mars and Mercury indicated strong hold on communication and speech.
  • Saturn, Venus and Sun are present in the 5th House, which is the Trikona House. Saturn is dignified with Venus in its own Sign – Libra. Sun is supposed to be the Lord of the 3rd House of Communication, Information Technology and Electronics. Venus and Saturn are the Lords of the Trine Houses. And the presence of all these three planets in conjunction creates Rajayoga and this has been one of the propelling factors of his glory! 
  • Moon – the Lord of the 2nd House (Wealth) is in opposition with Mars – the Lord of the 11th House (Gains). This is a very strong and effectual Chandra-Mangal Mahalakshmi Rajayoga and it promises great financial gains which has helped him to become the richest man in the world!  
  • Bill Gates has his fortune mostly because of the Mahadasha of Venus that was operational for him during his prime stage i.e. from 1983-2003. This helped him in achieving such fortune and success.  
  • Jupiter in Leo and placed in the 3rd house would be given calm hearted, interested in charity & religion and Social work. He would be sweet, popular, truthful and sweet spoken. He would be a firm temperament and respected by all for his professional work and charity work.
  • Jupiter in the 3rd House predicts very well for him, as the presence of such a propitious planet helped all the magnificent qualities of the 3rd House to blossom. The charity work and compassion that Bill Gates possesses can be accredited to this great placement of Jupiter. 


Future Prediction- 2019

His stars predict calmness in his life. Mercury and Jupiter continue to favor him and hence he will bring a phase of stagnant success and the support from his near and dear ones. He must focus on his health and also abstain from adventure trips. Minor injuries are likely to happen.