Monthly Horoscope Of July

By: Megha


This is a month of joy for Arians. The presence of sun in Taurus will have a mixed effect on Aries and will strongly influence the natives. For those who are working professionals can have something to look forward to. Romance is in the air and your love life will face a great time during this month and you be relieved to witness this growth. Those who are seeking a life partner will get some good news in this front. Mercury will remain in Taurus till 10th of July while keeping you calm and composed. Look for ways to meditate and put a stop to your restless thoughts is any. You will enjoy cordial relations with your family and friends. Overall, a good and high-performance month for Arians


The month of July will be a beneficial month for a sign of Taurus. People around you would be supportive. You can make beneficial investments and can look for good ventures as well. With Mercury in Taurus, your communicative skills would be good and you would be able to express yourself well. This could, however, give rise to some kind of conflict with your colleagues. However, do not deter and keep expressing yourself honestly. A new job is on the cards for those who are looking for a change. This month is good for sportspersons, doctors, and engineers.


The sun will enhance your already brilliant personality and you would shine among the crowd this July. Your confidence would be supreme and your charm would take you much further. You bring a mischievous enthusiasm in your environment which gets your work done efficiently. On the 15th, the sun will move into Gemini which means that your positive outlook would be polished and you will get immense benefits. Your efforts to impress your seniors at work will also meet with rewards. This month will be good for working professionals and housewives.


This is a month to be carefree and free from any kind of worries. You will be immensely relaxed due to the presence of Jupiter in Cancer. Your projects would be completed on time and you will get due rewards for your accomplishments. Everything would fall into the right place and you will be one happy person this July. If you are facing any problematic relations at home, this is the time to correct them as stars are in your favor.  This month is very good for those planning a trip and going for a gateway.


This is a month to pay attention to your loved ones. You should motivate them to be happy and active. Health will be a concern this month. You will get to meet some interesting persons and somehow these relations will enhance further. Do not plan anything overambitious. Do not take the undue stress and do not try to become a referee between two colleagues. Your love life will be immensely satisfying this month. This month is good for students and working professionals.


This month of July brings a lot of surprises for you. This will keep up your lively mood for sure. People around you would be happy and this will have an influence on your circumstances as well. You will have to pay attention to home-related affairs and give quality time to your family members. Your friends would also demand some time from your busy schedule. Give it to them. July will be a month to create special memories and keep them in your albums. Plan a trip with your loved ones, especially a trek. This month will be good for those who are looking for a job change.


Libra natives believe very much in partnerships and July will get you these partnerships. Tensions may be there in your love life though. Try not to be too adamant. This month will have you develop a strong faith in your relations. You will shine at your workplace as Cancer on 9th. You will make good decisions and this will reflect in your life. Rewards are on their way and you will be famous among your colleagues. This month is good for working professionals and those planning international trips.


With major planetary transits in the month of July, the month is going to be very eventful for the Scorpions.  If you stick to the given job profile, you will need a lot of self-motivation. If you choose to stay in the same organization, you must have to work hard to prove your worth.  You could see a career shift in the next month. Your hard work will eventually pay off and you will meet with financial success. Keep your eyes open for opportunities that come your way and respond promptly to them.  


The secret of success is none other than hard work.  Your planetary configuration predicts that there is nothing to worry about.  However, you slow and steady nature will yield positive results. Have faith in your capabilities and never lose hope.  Your organized and responsible behavior will lead you the way. You can overcome any challenges that come your way if you tackle them wise and have clarity. Even if you are not successful, you are still a winner since you will get experiences that will help you in the long-term.


The month of July is going to be very eventful for you.  You have gone through many upheavals during the past few months.  Now, you will try to settle for peace. You just need the right guidance to find your direction to increase your prospect.  You don’t have much to worry since you would be playing your cards well. Work on your weak points and harness your strong one.  Never forget difficult times come into our lives only to make us stronger and there is nothing that can hold back your victory. Patience and endurance is the key to your success.  


Luck is on your side but you should rely more on hard work than luck alone.  You could find many opportunities opening the door for you. Whether you in a job or in business, you will be flooded with options.  Here, you must be careful that success does not go to your head. The Jupiter in your July month suggests that your excitement could end up losing out on opportunities, so you must watch your steps carefully.


July is an amazing month for all you Pisces natives.  The transit of Mars will expend energy and progress in your career.  You will experience joy as good things are expected in the first half of the month.   However, you must be careful during the second part of July as the luck begins to drift away.   Try not getting frustrated and anxious as it will only make matters worse. Take care of family members and their sentiments.