7 Best Dating Apps for Any Type of Relationship

7 Best Dating Apps for Any Type of Relationship

By: Rashida

All around the world dating app are the most frequent things downloaded by all group of age . As technology evolving day to day, dating app are taking there own role. “Relationship are made in heaven” an old quote to remember. But, Dating is the present millennial trend. It’s really such an annoying experience to do, but it’s trendy my dear. Dating is the fuel for present generation. And this app are made in such a simpler way anyone can easily access to it, by finger-tip.

Seven best dating apps for kind of relationship:

Tinder: it’s the first dating app which came into existence in the year 2012. It’s as got long number of profiles compared to any other dating apps. It’s a location based dating app, which helps us to find someone special at our own home town. It’s also authentic with both Facebook and Instagram with helps us to check the profile on both social media sites. Most important things is that it’s freely available to download from apps store, even more secured.


It’s entirely women-centric app, the concept here is quite similar to tinder. Women have all the control who they talk to. When a couple matches, women have 24 hours to reach out or their matches disappear. This just might me the best dating app for the women who like to make the first move.

Ok Cupid:

One of the more customizable app available on the market, Ok Cupid asks you specific questions regarding your lifestyle, relationships and beyond. Comparability is rated by percentage, so you can see how much you and your partner have in common. It also allows you to see when other person have already messaged you, meaning you don’t have to wait for mutual like to connect.

Coffee meets bagel:

Coffee meets bagel is super customised, in terms of preference. So if you’re a picky dater and know what you like, this is the best dating app for finding that very specific someone. Your matches are curated for you every single day, so you’re also seeing a lower volume of matches. If you and someone mutually like then you have got seven day to chat. Which is the most exciting thing compared to other apps.

The league:

It’s not easy to get accepted into the league. First one need to apply then get approved. Clear and crisp photos are important to the app, it’s authentic with both Facebook and LinkedIn profile. But the choosiness works both the ways if you have to go through all these hoops, so do the potential partner your looking at. A point to be noticed if you don’t you the app often enough, you could even lose your spot.


This application is specially for LGBTQ+ women. The concept is similar in terms of swiping the matches, but you can also find out local events. If your are looking to get better connected to the LGBTQ+ community, this is the best dating app for you.


Since most people believe in love at first sight, this app gives you chance that it might happn. Compared to other any other dating app happn as it’s own features like every time you cross paths with other member of the app it shows up on your timeline.


People all over the world have found a romantic relationship through the online dating apps. Some of these relationships are turned into long-lasting and others have not been successful. It also helps in searching option list of qualities that they look for in a partner in hopes of narrowing down the search.