Should There Be Boundaries In A Relationship?

Setting boundaries in a relationship is a form of self- love. It often gets difficult and uneasy for a person to be at his/her best when they’re asked to push themselves out of their limits. It tends to get beyond a person’s personal threshold if they don’t feel comfortable.
Partners in healthy relationships tend to ensure that they seek permission, keep in mind other’s feelings, be thankful, respect and understand opinion, feelings, perspective. On the contrary, partners in less healthy relationships tend to assume that their partners feel alike as them, like if they want to do something, then their partner ought to like and do that. They overlook their partner’s wish, violate their partner’s boundary. Therefore, it is vital to set and clearly define some boundaries. When it is done so and is respected, there are no need for barriers or walls, you don’t need to adjust for no reason, fake yourself into being someone you’re not.
However, when the boundary is violated for the purpose of taking advantage or doing harm that is when walls, barriers, guards are needed. This is not only harmful and ineffective, but it also tends to create confusion and eventually destroy the relationship. Boundaries are all about respect and understanding, by talking about them with your partner you are benefitting your relationship by ensuring that your and your partners needs are met and there is security and safety in the relationship