January 1, 2018 Blog

Your darkest fear based on your zodiac


Be one of those people who is never embarrassed to talk about their fears. We all are afraid of plenty of things – heights, cold places, clowns, and many other things. Our zodiac sign can depict so many things about our personality and vital traits, including our fears. Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your deepest fear.

Aries: Being left alone

You like to be near with your loved ones. You find it hard to be all by yourself and constantly need someone else to make you feel complete.


Taurus: Changing with time

The bulls don’t like to change their lives at all. From moving to a different city to switching a job, it can really take a toll on you at times.


Gemini: Leading an ordinary life

You cannot be comfortable with a boring routine in your life. Your whole life is like a rollercoaster ride and you would rather do it all by yourself than living a mundane life with someone else.


Cancer: Being rejected

You can’t take rejections constructively, particularly when it comes from someone you care about. Deep within, you want to be accepted by everyone around you to feel content.


Leo: To go unnoticed

You are a born leader and like to create an everlasting impression on others. The moment they start taking you for granted, you lose your ground.


Virgo: Not being perfect

While others might find meaning in chaos, you like everything to be perfectly defined. You are a perfectionist by nature and the thought of being flawed scares you a lot.


Libra: Hurting others

You are quite emotional and can’t lose your loved ones. After every big fight, you are the one who walks an extra mile to make it work. You are a pure soul and the thought of hurting others with your actions or words leave you broken hearted.


Scorpio: Being betrayed by their loved ones

You are known for their dark and complex nature. It might be hard to trust others because you have been betrayed by them too many times. Sadly, the fear of being betrayed by someone never really leaves you.


Sagittarius: Captivity

You just can’t be confined in boundaries, because you are a free soul. You have found a perfect balance in life on your own.


Capricorn: Being misunderstood

You always give your best to every relationship. You rarely get appreciated for who you are. People find it hard to understand your true intentions and the fear of being misunderstood never goes away.


Aquarius: Losing control

You like to do everything on your own and can’t just lose control of your life. You feel claustrophobic whenever they take control from you, which is one of the primary reasons why Aquarians rarely make a team player.


Pisces: Being intimate

Pisces can be quite scared to pour their heart and soul out to others. Being one of the most emotional signs, it can be a heroic task for Pisces to get intimate with others.

So what is your ‘biggest fear?

Just do not say “NOTHING” because we all have some fear!