Horoscope Of 20 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Pay attention to your health today. Joint pains and general body ache. Try not to be a miser in anything, especially money. Do a little exercise or any kind of movement that will loosen up the body!

Taurus: Just because it happened in the past it does not mean it will happen again. Stop looking over your shoulder and start looking ahead. There is much to achieve. Eat right to avoid a headache and migraine.

Gemini: It’s a day of unions. A relationship may go to the next level, personally or even professionally. There could be travel with another. A past partnership has the potential of getting healed too. Take the chance.

Cancer: You are carrying the burdens of others and they are really weighing you down. Shrug them off and ask yourself what is important to you at this moment! Stay as close to home as you can.

Leo: Today you need to find the balance of saying what you want to and how another is willing to hear it. Tap into your emotional space and get out of the need to control everything, Leo.

Virgo: It’s a day of nurturing yourself and the ones around you. Pay attention to the house and pets. An older woman can be of great help in planning finances today. Stay grounded instead of being impulsive.

Libra: It’s a day to bring in tenderness in everything you do. Spend time with children or your younger siblings. Let your childhood memories flood back and bring you ease. Make giving the primary focus today Libra.

Scorpio: Being settled is a great feeling to have. But don’t let that get you bored. Revive your interests in all that you presently have. Looking for newer things to do is not the best option today.

Sagittarius: Avoid that quick fix and easy to make money plan today. Anything that feels too good to be true really is! Look closely at your addictions and at your temptations. What are they a call for?

Capricorn: It is in your best interests to listen to your inner voice today, instead of on using your mind. You are being gifted the assurance of intuition and feminine energies. Things can be easy sometimes and it’s ok!

Aquarius: What or who are you fighting against, Aquarius? What are your basic fears about this issue? The best way to deal with it is to stand your ground and yet allow another to express themselves, openly.

Pisces: It’s great to make plans and grand ones too. Keep in mind the action that needs to go into the making them a reality. It’s a great day to get practical about the future now Pisces.