Horoscope Of 17 April


By: Sonu Sharma

Aries: There may be a lot of ideas today, about the house or the finances that you are working with. Be patient and don’t rush. It’s a good day to strategize. Starting with action can wait today.

Taurus: This is a beautiful day for family and relationships. There is a bit of hereditary coming your way. The incoming can be anything, money or knowledge or even the unconditional love of the ancestors. Accept it.

Gemini: There are so many options around you and they all feel like the right thing. But all that glitters is not gold. Make sure you have spent enough time to make your decision before making a choice.

Cancer: Someone in your life or you possibly have a closed heart, out of fear. With the intellectual capacity you have and the ability to use it, you need to set yourself free of the fear you carry.

Leo: There is a possibility of getting some help today. A feminine force will take charge and rule the day. There is energy and also the chance you may feel ruled. But it’s your kind of energy.

Virgo: Today you are a content individual. Everything around you is so well put in place that all you have to do is feel the pleasure of it. Your heart and mind are full of brightness. Gratitude!

Libra: You may get pulled to either side of this situation. But the secret is to hold the central space where you have a good view of both sides. You will chart your path, not the circumstances.

Scorpio: Going within you is a great way to figure out how you truly feel. Take some time of this situation today and make sure you introspect with open eyes. You will be able to sort this out.

Sagittarius: You look like you want to go towards more substance in life and taking off is the answer. Do that! But just remember it will all be waiting right here for you when you are back.

Capricorn: It’s the day you allow yourself to feel like a young excited individual that sees everything as a possibility. Someone who will start with fresh ideas and know they will succeed. Be the romantic you are.

Aquarius: Did someone take advantage of your trust? Breathe it out. Focus on resting and recuperating from the physical situation you have right now. Be aware for the spine and brain. Rest the mind too, most urgently.

Pisces: Things are about to turn on their heads. The direction things are going in will change and you will need to mind your pace this time. Go slow and take in the change. Don’t rush today.