Horoscope Of 12 April


 By: Pushtiie

Aries:  Being a role model is not an easy job. Today you seem to have the responsibility of it though. Become aware of how your words and actions impact the people around you. Especially the children, Aries.

Taurus: It’s time to look at yourself in a different light. Yes, you are all that you have become… but beneath it all, there is an innocence that sometimes goes unnoticed. Interact, lovingly, with the part today.

Gemini: It’s the day to know and focus on your priorities. If you are in the process of pinpointing them to yourself, it’s a great opportunity today. Remember it’s safe to have some fun sometimes, Gemini.

Cancer: Today is the day you keep your eyes on the target. This focus will help you tap into the intensity you need to achieve what you are after. The intention is clear, the result will be too.

Leo: Try not to take on too much that you have to be in charge of today. Finally, remember that you are just a medium for whatever needs to happen. Don’t get caught in the control dramas.

Virgo: Your intuition is unusually strong today. Make the most of it by being open to the messages, nudges, clarity you get. They will come in any possible form. Just be aware and ready. Blessings all around.  

Libra: The care your house needs is important. Today, take a few decisions about the house and all its workings. The finances to do all of it will also have to be planned. It will be easy.

Scorpio: How you word your thoughts is what will come to pass. Make sure you speak and resonate with words of abundance today. That is what you are in the energy to manifest. It also affects others.

Sagittarius: You need to take a day to disconnect from everything. This does not mean you don’t interact. Just know that the interactions will be on a more surface level today. Save you for yourself this day.

Capricorn: Take a risk today, Capricorn. Get out of your all-knowing comfort zone and jump into another’s. This is going to be a blessed change. Chance for you to grow and learn. Surprise yourself with a change.

Aquarius: You are advised against hoarding today. Take only what you need and leave the rest alone. Find out why you feel the need for more once the basic requirements are fulfilled. There is enough going around.

Pisces: Guilt is a place of being suppressed by another’s thought in your mind. Let go of this feeling and know that it is time to move forward into the present. The past needs to be dissolved.