Horoscope Of 11 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: There are some big decisions to be made, especially in the area of the heart. Be sure to balance all areas of information you have and energy you feel within you before you make the choice.


Taurus: Get in touch with the earth through natural herbs, food products, running or even just your ability to be someone’s firm support. Maybe you are the one who needs this kind of energy for today.


Gemini: You have the power to create anything you want today. But then so do many others. You stand the chance of getting caught in the ego and the illusion. Know, for real, what you really want.  


Cancer: Mastery is your energy today. You know your being and well enough to share it authentically. Don’t hold yourself back this time. Accept help if and when it comes too. Work in concentrated groups of three.


Leo: Being of the mind is great. But if it makes you cold and distant, it does not help. Don’t go against your primal energy of warmth and togetherness. No matter how your mind tries to convince you.


Virgo: You are a happy person and everything you do reflects this energy. It is infectious and people fall in life very easily. You know how to make them comfortable. Allow yourself to fly with this power.


Libra: Your need to run to extremes may be a little taxing today. It’s a day where you have to make a decision about one of two things. It’s not a small one. It’s all your call.


Scorpio: Give and receive with equal love, honor and humility. Neither is greater than the other. Both sides are as important if either has to exist. You cannot take without a giver and vice versa. Value them.


Sagittarius: A change in perspective is called for today. It can be really drastic depending what it is called upon for. But you have the ability to handle it and find the moments you are looking for.


Capricorn: Criticism is part of the process of growth and creativity. Don’t take it to heart or react from it. It is just needed feedback. Make it a point to write down things that matter to you.


Aquarius: The space you are in today is giving you the opportunity to use the bottled up energy you have been suppressing. Use it creatively but not violently, Aquarius. Be it physical or verbal or even emotional.


Pisces: The old must go for the new to come. Let all that is on its way out leave. Don’t turn back. Look forward and make sure you have a clear vision of where you are headed. March!


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