Horoscope Of 7 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: If you have been stuck for the lack of energy, be in financial or human resource or anything, today you will get relief in that zone. The energy that you need is around you now. Call It!


Taurus: You are given the responsibility and power to take things forward in your life right now. Even if that means leading a few people. Step into your ability to lead a team and go for it.


Gemini: There is a chance today that you will get attracted to a place you have read about, seen or visited. It is a place of power and your connection to empowerment through the earth. Go there!


Cancer: Clarity is the energy for your day, today. Your path or dark area will be illuminated and you will see all that you have been missing. New ideas and beginnings are being told for your life now.


Leo: You have goals you want to manifest. Today is not the time to look outside for the help you need. The answers are within. It’s a day you learn to introspect, realize and act on it.


Virgo: One cycle is getting over and another is about to begin. Or are you right in the middle of an ongoing one? Make sure where you stand, it will be simpler to navigate through this day.


Libra: We all move to the beat of our own internal drum. When you try it with another’s, it usually does not feel right. Find your own beat and how you can play it to add variety.


Scorpio: You have a lot of support today and it will become more and more evident. Energies you have not expected will stand as your allies. Remember to be as faithful an ally to them in need.


Sagittarius: Everyone has a point of view. Make sure to listen to everyone and be silent when they talk. The opinions are varied but important and valid all the same. Respect and honor everyone’s freedom to express.


Capricorn: The intention with which you do something is very important. No matter what the extent of the action. Make sure, today, you are clear about WHY you are doing what you are doing. Send right signals.


Aquarius: Our ancestors have had the power of knowledge, first hand. They have left back records for us to have it too. Today is the day you reach out to an ancestor. Grandparent or an old book.


Pisces: Your dream time is precious. Daydreaming included. Expand your vision and see things you have not allow yourself to before. An alternative reality waits to welcome you to unlimited power. Think you will try it?


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