Horoscope Of 5 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today is a day where your inner peace is of the utmost importance. Do everything you can to create it and maintain it. Just recreational things will not have the same effect as the focused effort will.


Taurus: Mirrors tell the truth. Reflections can be within and without. Look at what you are being shown in ever mirror you are crossing and coming close to. There is a strong message in the reflections today.


Gemini: Give credit where credit is due. Make sure you get the credit you deserve too. It is not always shared. But today seems to be an empty scroll upon which you can decide the writing.


Cancer: It’s a day to unite. Coming together is the theme for your day. Like different colors come together to make a rainbow, accept the diversity the Universe and nature are giving you the opportunity to experience.


Leo: You seem to be holding on to something. Today is a great day too, ceremoniously, give away that experience, thing, idea, emotion, etc. This release will help you bring in things that truly matter to you.


Virgo: When we reach an important stage in our lives there is always a change. It can be welcomed with great celebration or it can be cursed and cribbed about. Just accept that it has already happened.


Libra: The more you move upward in any kind of adventure, make sure the feeling of gratitude keeps you grounded. The wisdom you gather on your way to the top can help you stay humble and thankful.


Scorpio: The fire inside you is that of a child. All you need to do is add the innocence that you already had. Take the time today to get back in touch with your inner child and purity.


Sagittarius: What feels like home to you? Is it a physical place or the comfort you feel within? Today is the day you find out what home really is for you. Can you be called home too?


Capricorn: The call for you is to give up things that are stopping you from moving forward. You have a few decisions to make about what you are willing to set off to live a better life.


Aquarius: The greatest protection is the truth. If you feel like you could be some sort of trouble, just be honest and take responsibility or what has happened. Let the truth pierce everything like an arrow.  


Pisces: Being self-reliant is not about carrying all the burdens of life. It is more about being smart and knowing when to put down or delegate certain responsibilities. Humanity is a community. Nothing need be done alone.

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