Horoscope Of 3 March 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Take all the risks you want today and they will turn out successful. Just remember to do a little background check before you jump into or commit to anything. You have few faithful friends around you.  


Taurus: It’s a day of absolute fruitfulness! The one word for the day is YES!! Make decisions, start things anew and expect miracles. The energies are super powerful, PLEASE make the most of this day beloved Taurus!


Gemini: Hang up your thoughts and allow your mind to rest. An easy technique to do that rests the body. Fall asleep and just before that focus on your breath. No more planning. No more action.


Cancer: You have a way with people. You know how to explain things to them just hey way they understand. Use your talent, love, and care today to create harmony and love all around. Emotionally anchor others.


Leo: It’s a day of family happiness. Your emotional side is tugging at you. It is time to employ all your energy into the family and creating the happiness all of you deserve. Your cups are full.


Virgo: Get some major physical movement in the day. Your body is asking for an energy activation. The work you do will get to the next level and you will shine. New projects can also come today.


Libra: Be strong, overall, influencer today. You have the ability to rise from the lower levels to a much higher space in your mind. Practice controlling the carnal side and convert it to guidance and nurture.


Scorpio: All your endeavors today will have mad energy. It’s beautiful when it’s for the self. Make sure you don’t frighten off the others with your intensity. But Action it is, all of today. Get Set Go!!!


Sagittarius: Fearfully holding on to things is not called saving! Today is an opportunity to see what you are holding on to, how it affects your health and how you can change it to create abundance again.


Capricorn: There are the stability and the focus to start a new journey today. You have planned this for a while and you have set it up perfectly. All you need is the will to start it.


Aquarius: Your intuition is very high today. You have the answers before anyone has the questions. You will tap into your higher self easily. It’s a great day to seek higher Knowledge and deeper understanding of self.


Pisces: You have the focus that makes you a winner easily. Today will be easy to conquer as your mind and passions are in the same palace. Make sure the power or Ego don’t get to you.


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