Horoscope Of 2 March 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s a day of immense joy and celebration. There could be talks of a union, personally or professionally. A small trip could be planned too. A new project that grounds you more firmly where you are.


Taurus: What are you addicted to nowadays? Look clearly at your life and the choices you are making. Avoid getting stuck in any of the fast money or fast anything schemes today. Balance your desires.


Gemini: The mind is overactive and it's stressing out the nerves. There may be sleepless moments and cause pain in the head. Use breath and a nice massage to relieve the shoulders today. Love yourself right.


Cancer: You have everything and now you want more. It does not come from a burning desire, only from boredom with what you already have. Don’t make any silly mistakes in looking for your next high today.


Leo: The decision you have to take is not as difficult as you think it is. Just open yourself to EVERYTHING. Seeing the truth for what it is will give you answers. Take off your blind fold.  

Virgo: Expectations from the self-care a beautiful way to keep you going forward. But the others may not really be able to handle it. Look for yourself and make sure you forge ahead.  Relax a little.


Libra: It’s a good day to take stalk of the situation you are dealing with today. From here you can decide what you want to do further. Don’t be hasty today. Might waste a perfectly abundant resource.


Scorpio: There is so much you have already and there is more coming. But you are somehow not paying any attention to any of that. Change your STATE and you will see the wonders around you, immediately.


Sagittarius: Left or Right? Its great question to ask. The decision, however, has to come from within you. It will only come when you have your aim in clear sight, not clouded by uncertainty or self-doubt.


Capricorn: The results are to come in now. Don’t put your life on pause for that, though. Everything continues. Start looking at what happens after you have received the news of victory. Best way to keep connected.


Aquarius: Everything is set and working like a well-oiled machine. But now you want deeper meaning. It’s the kind of day where you do not mind leaving a few things back and going off for a bit.


Pisces: The need for the day is Balance! Everything needs it in your life. Especially the way you think of yourself and of others that are close to you. Life is not about all the juggling.


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