Horoscope Of 1 March 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Living in the past will only keep you there. You have learned the lessons, now it’s time to move away from the event or situation. If your energy is low, rest. You will be fine tomorrow.


Taurus: How does it feel when you dominate a situation and appear victorious? Now pay attention to the other side. Why is it so important to have what the other has? Get your own or create it.


Gemini: Times are going to change. All that is not, will start working while you will have delayed results in some areas. But change being the only constant, it will all change soon again. Treat yourself well.


Cancer: A cycle seems to be coming to a completion, Cancer. So a new one will soon begin. There could be travel or talks about it today. You are also being called to work with the planet.


Leo: Things, around you, can be elusive today. The thoughts are a havoc and not going in the best direction. Don’t make any big decisions, they may not be in your best interest. Take care of yourself.


Virgo: An interesting new financial opportunity may present itself. You may find yourself wanting to make some changes in the house or get another one. Take a deeper look at the food today. Spend time in nature.


Libra: Celebrations Galore! It’s a day where you will have a reason to party. A new project, of any kind, may be announced. A team of three will possibly form itself with you. Observe the bodily fluids.


Scorpio: Let go of all that does not serve you today! Change your perspective completely. You have all the answers in yourself and yet you are not willing to trust. It’s time to value the self more.


Sagittarius: Childhood was a time of innocence and sharing. Today that same emotion is calling out to you. Allow yourself to experience it. Make time for the siblings or old friends. These emotions will nurture your happiness.


Capricorn: Something is becoming more serious today. It’s a gradual process. Your ability to love and share with yourself is increasing. It’s time to create a union and more permanently so. This togetherness is for your healing.


Aquarius: You are very much in a position of power and grandly so. Use this wisely. You have the ability to guide people and yourself into a more stable, grounded space today. Be one of abundance today.


Pisces: Things are changing today. So much of the old is leaving of its own accord. You possibly don’t have much control over it. But rejoice, for space is inviting newer, more useful energy into it.

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