Horoscope Of 28 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Either you are about to get very melodramatic yourself or you meet someone who will. Be aware of the person who wants to get you intoxicated and manipulate you through it. Don’t get unnecessarily emotionally charged.


Taurus: Yes, you are an intelligent individual and you know things that will help others. It’s a good day to help and guide people today, Taurus. Don’t allow your brains to take over your heart space, though.


Gemini: You are, finally, being guided to gentler times. The rough patch is over and you are being looked after as you travel towards the sorted side. Be open to accepting the help. You are safe now.


Cancer: It’s a day of hard work in solitude. It could also mean a short trip to the town. You need to have your focus and keep distractions away. It’s a day to build blocks for the future!


Leo: If the fight aggravates, the ego is challenged and you will create destruction. The fall will not be very easy to overcome. You can hide your emotional side with practicality. But you know the actual truth.


Virgo: When you have the energy and the command over all that you need to use, don’t waste time. Make the most of it today. Also, pay attention to your spiritual side. It’s opening up even more.


Libra: There are some big decisions you have to make today. Be sure to make them with all the love in your heart and a balance of the emotional and practical. Don’t rush in. This is serious.


Scorpio: Either you are being stolen from or you are stealing. Keep your senses in tune with the surroundings and all that is going on around. Someone close to you may be untrustworthy. Awareness is key today.


Sagittarius: So much new and fresh thought are playing about in your mind. They are invaluable. Make sure you write it all down, first. Today is the day you make note of it. It’s a flowing energy.


Capricorn: ACTION! It’s the day you stop thinking and start on the action that is sooooo called for. Be aware of blades. Even the smallest one. You have a lot of energy today. Harness it very purposefully.


Aquarius: You seem to be a little burdened and taxed by the worries you carry around. This may be affecting your health too. The best way to deal with it, find out which really belong to you.


Pisces: Be aware of your blood and also any heart issues, today. Almost expect to be harshly criticized and not get a chance to react. Spend some time in the water and that will definitely sooth much away.

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