Horoscope Of 26 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Abundance is in how you deal with everything around. Be it on the work front or on the domestic front. Do you want to change something at the place? Be gentle and nurture everyone around you.  


Taurus: What’s gone is gone. There is no need to stay stuck there. Be honest and feel the pain you do without running away from it. But also look around. There is possible, still, so much more.


Gemini: You know you are a master at what you are doing. So either you start sharing your wisdom or you start learning more. Coz there is no end to knowledge. Make a team to share with.


Cancer: Something that you have been flirting with has the chance to become serious today. It’s a day for a new start with a lot of emotional investment. Make sure you have the facts straight before committing.


Leo: The week is beginning with a lot of ideas that you are excited to put into action. But not today. Live with them and make them solid before you start acting upon them. Add more detail.


Virgo: You have everything you need right around where you are. It is time to look at the surroundings now. You, Virgo, may be good at creating illusions, but aware of others doing that for you today.


Libra: You will be met with fairness today. If you are looking for justice or are hoping to give it to someone. Careful before you sign any contracts, today. Be mindful of cuts and bruises all day.


Scorpio: You are in for a very abundant day. You are possibly carrying the seed of something new in your womb, mind or heart. Let things happen naturally and don’t force anything. Things have their own pace.


Sagittarius: It’s a victorious day for you. You have emerged as a winner in the current phase. Remember this is not it. There is more than it yet to come. Enjoy your victory, be ready to charge again.


Capricorn: The answer is in your hands, but you are looking it at a problem today. The mind is playing games with you that make you feel captivated and bound. Quit playing the victim card. You aren’t.


Aquarius: Your cup overfloweth. It’s a greatly satisfying day. Everything you wanted is just right. Be aware of your water levels in the body as well as the blood. Are you high on cholesterol, by chance?


Pisces: It’s the ideating phase for more finance as well as changes in the house, Pisces. Looking after your body is also something you should involve yourself with focus. Remember to ground yourself in every situation, today.


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