Horoscope Of 19 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Balance your emotional and practical side to make the most of today. Address any unresolved emotions and bring them to fruition. Be the safe harbor you know you are. See with the eyes of the heart.


Taurus: What are your strengths and your weaknesses? Recognize them today. You will be surprised with the magic that comes from this clarity. Sometimes the truth is hidden in plain sight. Think of what the elders said.


Gemini: It’s an abundant day of care and nurturing. The pace may be slow but the results will be bountiful. Many new beginnings are waiting for you take them forward. Pay attention to the stomach area.


Cancer: Fantasy is the birthplace of creativity. How much will you stretch yourself to create a life you love? Everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in material reality. Start dreaming your future, Cancer.


Leo: Family takes center stage today. Help everyone involved for the right reasons and avoid being a martyr. Take responsibility for the people around you, nature and even the pets. Day to touch your real self.


Virgo: The buck stops with you. Take charge of the situation and yet, keep others autonomy intact. Instill strength not fear in people around. Take a look at the lessons your father taught you to move forward.


Libra: Study never ends. Knowledge is vast and learning transforms talent into skill when practiced. What more are you getting the opportunity to learn today? No teacher better than a life experience. Shall repeat till learned.


Scorpio: Strike a balance between responsibility and the personal needs, the work and the play. Get ready for a compromise and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Set realistic goals and expectations. Forgive and Prioritize.


Sagittarius: It’s a day of success, wealth and love so loose the lack mentality. It’s the only thing stopping you. Make plans for the future and have confidence in the outcomes. Time for abundance galore, today.


Capricorn: Are feelings preventing a resolution? Look beyond the words and into the emotions. Your wise empathetic side is being called upon today. Be receptive not rejecting and LISTEN! Seek or share objective counsel. Be clear.


Aquarius: Its all about action for you today, Aquarius. Sitting ideal will create more than it will sort. Make a change on the physical level today. For example, get a haircut if you like. But change!


Pisces: Focus on your vision, not n what others are doing today. It’s a day for chaos, conflict and confrontation. You need for control and power is not doing you much good. It can backfire disastrously.

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