Horoscope Of 17 February 2018


By: Sonu Sharma

Aries: The conflict is more within than it is with another. Fighting the ghosts in your mind will not really give you a victory. Try to befriend them and make them easier to deal with.


Taurus: Take a leap of faith Taurus. You will succeed. Your grounding is beautiful, but sometimes you need to jump off the floor. Stretch your limits and create new boundaries.  Fly a little… feel the wind.


Gemini: Having solo time is beautiful. But when it becomes too much you must go back into the world. You isolation is now starting to trouble your energies. Time to go meet a friend or two.


Cancer: Dreaming is the most wonderful activity. But it’s better to work on making the dream come true. Today is asking you to shift gears and get into action to manifest your deepest desires. Will you?


Leo: The situation you are dealing with right now comes from a very deep rooted belief system. One can say it’s almost form a past life. It’s here to teach you a lesson. Learn quickly Leo.


Virgo: Just be still Virgo. Tune out your inner chatter and that of the others around you today. Your inner being wants to give some very important messages. It really needs you to listen. Will you?


Libra: Today, there is abundance of clarity and ownership. The truth is flowering within you and you will own it as your own. Now there is no fear any more. Live in your new found truth.


Scorpio: today you are going to be super successful at whatever you do. There will be celebrations and you will be the center of them all. The battle is won… remember the war still remains, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: You are being guided all the time. There is so much help around you all the time. Just learn to listen, see, feel and hear the messages you are being given. You know you can!


Capricorn: Finally everything is going in flow. Now you just need to find your place in it. No hard work and no harsh decisions. Life is on your side and it wants you to experience it.


Aquarius: You have surrounded yourself with so much that you can now see no way out. Rest beloved. It’s the only way to can rejuvenate and go back to working well. You are allowed to recuperate.


Pisces: There are beautiful shifts and changes in today’s day. Just make sure you are calm enough to handle them and work with them. These are a blessing for you. Work very dedicatedly with them, Pisces.

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