Horoscope Of 13 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today gives you the opportunity to understand that you are free. If you feel caged, it’s just in your mind and heart. Look around you patiently and you will see the space and freedom you have.


Taurus: Are you living from old mental patterns? Do they serve you anymore? Be aware of the kind of people you interact with today. You may meet some lions in sheep’s clothing. Be sharp and observant.


Gemini: You have the opening to a lot of Source energy today. It all comes down to the tummy for you. Be aware of the belly and you will be fine. Meditate to help yourself heal.


Cancer: What you see is not always what you need to believe in. There can be covers and masks in places that you do not expect. Don’t be a victim or a player of politics today.


Leo: Living in the past or the present does not make any sense. Try to stay in the present moment and you will have an upper hand in any thing you do today. Be in the NOW!


Virgo: Today there is a lot coming towards you. Be open to receiving the pouring and the effects it has on you after. It is gentle and soothing. Remember you can guide the flow with your thoughts.


Libra: The missing piece is finally found. It’s the kind of day where everything falls into place and you are able to move forward. Just take a moment to admire your work and its full power.


Scorpio: Things keep changing and today is going to be a big change. Will you be able to handle it? It’s a positive change that may look destructive at first. Hang on and see the transformation.


Sagittarius: Everything, including you, is finally maturing. Now the behavior and the actions all stand a chance to be more grown up and in sync with everything around. Inclusion is a bonus it bring for you.


Capricorn: You may feel a little weighed down today. Like you are being suppressed and all tied up. All you have to do is take a breath and straighten out your back. Take care of your shoulders.


Aquarius: You do not need another to measure yourself or your work against another or another’s. You are your own standard of perfection. You know you are the best. Don’t allow others to affect your energy.


Pisces: The peace of being one with all that IS, is a wonderful moment. Today you have the opportunity to experience it. Just be honest and naked with yourself about what you really are and want.


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