Horoscope Of 12 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: This Monday brings a lot of color and playfulness for you. Don’t take anything too seriously today. Keep things light and joyful. Even if it is an effort, take the needed steps towards it, Aries!


Taurus: Things may get a little postponed today. Don’t allow that to get you low. There are a lot of blessings in this. You will discover so much more, in the extra time you have with it.


Gemini: Lot of blessings and a few decisions come your way. If you are in love it’s a great day to make it formal. Togetherness, in general is a great theme today. Bring things together today.


Cancer: Your mind is not working in your favor today. You seem to be have taken on the thought patterns of sorrow and grief. It’s your choice to either stick to it or drop it, Cancer!


Leo: You are living a split in the mind today. It’s like you are affected by schizophrenia. STOP. Take a breath. Evaluate the situation and come to a conclusion. Do not keep swinging like a pendulum.


Virgo: When all the illusions get shattered, you can either be grateful for the clarity or cry about the loss of the familiar. How you respond to this will determine your way ahead. Celebrate your power.


Libra: Is something changing? Are you looking at things differently? You are just awakening to the awareness you always had. It is now calming its rightful space within your conscious mind. Allow it to grow, Libra.


Scorpio: Either you will meet a master who will possibly help you or you will be the master that is met today. In both cases there is a lot of sharing and learning in the day.


Sagittarius: You have the opportunity to meet new friends today. Be welcoming of them and allow yourself to blend energies. When colors blend a new color emerges. We can regulate the beauty and intensity it holds.


Capricorn: Today is going to be powerful. You will make or happen upon a breakthrough with what you have been stuck. There will be clarity and destruction of the old ways and barriers. Digest it well!


Aquarius: It’s an adventure Aquarius! Dive into the unknown and follow that rainbow to your heart’s content. Take the path you never have before and you will be gifted excitement and newness. It’s a promise today.


Pisces: Let go of your need to control things, Pisces. Be in touch with yourself. Others are not bound to doing your bidding. Learn to live a comfortable, stress free life with YOU! Be careful of pain!


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